Kebir de Bozouls

Kebir de Bozouls is a son of Assida de Bozouls*** (Prim de Syrah**** x Assara de Bozouls) and Muguet de Pascade*** (Tidjani x Odesia de Pascade by Djourman). He is dedicated to an endurance career.

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Muguet de Pascade
Assida de Bozouls

2 years


Paternal Grandsire:


Maternal Grandsire:

Prim de Syrah

Paternal Grandmother:

Odesia de Pascade

Maternal Grandmother:

Assara de Bozouls

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Kebir de Bozouls is a son of Assida de Bozouls*** (Prim de Syrah**** x Assara de Bozouls) and Muguet de Pascade*** (Tidjani x Odesia de Pascade by Djourman).

Kebir is thus the full brother of Dusty de Bozouls (sold, 6th of the 2021 Fontainebleau CEI** & 2nd of the 2020 Allenc CEI*), and Elzlatan de Bozouls (sold, qualified on CEI* in 2021). 

He is also the uterine brother to endurance performers such as: 

  • Assidaroi de Bozouls, IRE 135
  • Assijor de Bozouls, sold, IRE 112
  • Assijo de Bozouls, sold, IRE 109, "Elite" at 6 YO at Uzès
  • Assija de Bozouls, IRE 123, 9th of the Florac CEI*** 160 km & winner of the Jullianges CEI* in 2021
  • Djawzia de Bozouls, IRE 136
Sire :

Muguet de Pascade is a stallion by Tidjani**** (Flipper x Managhi) and Odesia de Pascade (Djourman x Afamanga). Muguet was bought in 2012, in 8 years’ time he is already DRE** and the sire of more than 200 products born on at our stud farm. His progeny is promising, among them flat winners in Poland and endurance winners such as Eïwa de Bozouls ("Elite" and champion of the 5 YO at Uzès) & Chanel du Jip Jap (winner of the 2021 Fontainebleau CEI***). Some of his products ranked on CEI* and ** at the UAE those two last years.

Dam :

Assida is the filly of Prim de Syrah**** and Assara de Bozouls (Rim*** x Asaara de Bozouls***). She is thus the full sister of Asap des Agatchols IRE 130. Assida has always been an endurance broodmare to the stud farm, thanks to her foals she is indexed DRE*** on progeny.

Maternal Grandmother: :

Daughter of Rim *** and Asaara de Bozouls, Assara de Bozouls was indexed 130 within only 2 years in National Events and IRE **. In particular, she was 4th in the 120 km Event of Nancy in 2005 and 5th in the 200 km of Landivisiau in 2005.

Collateral brothers and sisters

Brothers and sisters by the father