Assidaroi de Bozouls

Son of Farid del Saul**** and Assida de Bozouls***, Assidaroi de Bozouls started his endurance career in 2010 on the SHF events. Since he had good results, he is now indexed*** on performances.

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Farid del Saul
Assida de Bozouls

17 years
Discipline : endurance


Paternal Grandsire:

Dzahir des Chênes

Maternal Grandsire:

Prim de Syrah

Paternal Grandmother:


Maternal Grandmother:

Assara de Bozouls

More info

Son of Farid del Saul**** and Assida de Bozouls***, Assidaroi de Bozouls started his endurance career in 2010 on the SHF events. Since he had good results, he is now indexed*** on performances and IRE 135:

  • 2011: ranked 5th of the Nègrepelisse CEI* and 6th of the Pontchäteau CEI**,
  • 2012: ranked on the Raid equestrian des bois de Saulnot CEI** and 8th of the Pontchäteau l’Océan CEI**,
  • 2013: Assidaroi returns at the stud for training, thanks to Pierre-Marie MORVAN, he finishes 4th of the Chanac CEI** and ranked on 160 km,
  • In March 2014, Assidaroi went at training in Switzerland with Natalie COLLMANN:
  • 2014: 3rd of the Golasecca (Italie) CEI**, 17th of the young riders world championship at Vérona in italie, 3rd of the Weissenhorn (Germany) CEI** and winner of ths Switzerland young riders championship,
  • 2015: ranked on the Fontainebleau CEI* and 15th of the Rambouillet CEI***.

After one year of break, Assidaroi took over his endurance career in 2016, under the saddle of Léa VOGLER.

Assidaroi is the only representative of this cross. However he is still the uterine brother of performers in wich:

  • Assijor de Bozouls: IRE 112, sold,
  • Assijo de Bozouls: sold, "Elite" at the 2012 6 years old race,
  • Assija de Bozouls: 2nd of the 2019 Barre des Cévennes CEI**, 2nd of the 2017 Degagnazes CEI* and 8th of the 2018 Costaros CEIYJ**,
  • Djawzia de Bozouls:  7th at the Lignières CEI**, 15th at the Compiègne CEI*** and ranked at the Pisa (Toscana Endurance Festival) CEI** in 2019. Ranked at the Castelsagrat CEI** and 14th of the Samorin 7 years old world championship. Ranked 7th at the Castillones CEI** and ranked 6th at the Ermelo CEI** in 2020,
  • Dusty de Bozouls : ranked 2nd at the Allenc CEI* and 12th at the Casteljaloux CEI*.
Sire :

Farid del Saul, combines 2 of the best endurance bloodlines, as he is a grandson of Zulus**** by his sire, and a grandson of Masan**** by his dam. As he ranked twice on 120 km races at Huelgoat and Argentant, in 2005, Farid del Saul is indexed IRE** on performances. Since, he is stallion at the stud farm and DRE****. He passed on his great qualities and willingness to all his offsprings, around 30 of them are ranked on CEI*, ** and ***. In wich, Zize des Agachiols (IRE 120 et DRE***), Nadi des Agachiols (Ire 123), Rim des Agachiols (Ire 134), Assidaroi de Bozouls (Ire 135), Djef des Agachiols (Ire 126), Naïfée de Bozouls (Ire 135) and Djelinafée de Bozouls (Ire 123).

Dam :

Assida is the filly of Prim de Syrah**** and Assara de Bozouls (Rim*** x Asaara de Bozouls***). She is thus the full sister to the endurance performer Asap des Agatchols (IRE 130). Assida has always been an endurance broodmare to the stud farm, thanks to her foals she is indexed DRE*** on progeny.

Maternal Grandmother: :

Daughter of Rim *** and Asaara de Bozouls, Assara de Bozouls was indexed 130 within only 2 years in National Events and IRE **. In particular, she was 4th in the 120 km Event of Nancy in 2005 and 5th in the 200 km of Landivisiau in 2005.

Prize list

2016 :
- 4th / CEYJ** / Costaros
- 40 km / Rio Frio (Portugal)
- CEI* / Elvas Santa Eulalia (Spain)
2017 :
- 5th / CEI* / Fronteira (Spain)
- 3rd / CEI*** / Lignières
2018 :
- 40 km / Raid Dehesa y toro
- 5th / CEI* /Estremoz (Spain)
- Ranked / CEI** / Castelsagrat

Collateral brothers and sisters