Aid des Agachiols

Foal of the good-natured Djad** and Aïcha de Bozouls***. Aid des Agachiols is thick, brawny, has got an excellent metabolism rate and a good size in his strides when galloping. He transmits on his sporty model, an excellent cardiac and impressive hindquarters to his progeny. Thus he is indexed DRE*** thanks to his progeny.

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Aïcha de Bozouls

19 years


Paternal Grandsire:


Maternal Grandsire:

Prim de Syrah

Paternal Grandmother:

Aïffa Lotoise

Maternal Grandmother:


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Foal of the good-natured Djad** out of Aïcha de Bozouls***, Aid is indexed DRE*** and has a covering breeding career at the stud farm.

Aid des Agachiols is not only, thick, structured brawny stallion, he also has got an excellent metabolism rate, a good size in his strides when galloping. Moreover, he shows an excellent temper, especially towards other competitors during races

At the age of 7, for his first endurance season in 2009, Aid ranked himself at the Landivisiau CEI* and Le Pertre CEI**. In 2010, Aid ranked again in CEI**, at Plougonven-Coatelan.

He stopped his competing career in 2010 and is now dedicated to a covering breeding career at the stud farm. He passed on his brawny traits to his first products, with impressive hindquarters. Thanks to his progeny he is indexed DRE**.

Some of his foals are at training:

  • Haïle de Bozouls, sold
  • Aidguar de Bozouls, sold, IRE 114
  • Benazid de Bozouls, sold, winner of the 2016 Corlay CEI**
  • Djelain de Bozouls, sold, ranked on the 2016 Bou Thib CEI*
  • Benaida de Bozouls, IRE 127
  • Kephir de Bozouls, sold, 2nd of the 2016 Euston Park CEI**
  • Kenjya de Bozouls, IRE 116, broodmare at the stud farm
  • Chana de Bozouls, 15th of the 2019 Costaros CEI** & 13th of the 2018 Pamiers CEI*.
Sire :

Son of Diaf*** and Aïaffa lotoise*** (Chéri Bibi), Djad has few but exceptional offspring since 3 out of them 4 are ranked at National** or *** level. He is thus indexed** on progeny and IRE* as he ranked several times on 90 km events.

Dam :

Aïcha de Bozouls is the filly of Prim de Syrah**** and Raïcha****. Ranked several times in National ** events, she notably ranked 2nd at Sommant 2007 and won the 2007 Kreuth CEIYR. Aïcha de Bozouls is thus IRE ***. Moreover, she is a great broodmare DRE***, dam of 6 products among them Aid des Agachiols, DRE***, stallion at the stud farm.


Collateral brothers and sisters