Prim de Syrah

Prim de Syrah, indexed**** on progeny, is the leading stallion of the stud. He passed away at the age of 28 years old, in March 2018. Covering only the mares of the stud, Prim is now the sire of more than 60 products.

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Pom du Berlais

155 cm
Flea-bitten grey


Paternal Grandsire:


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Paternal Grandmother:


Maternal Grandmother:

Jaffa du Berlais

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Prim de Syrah, indexed**** on progeny, is the leading stallion of the stud. He passed away at the age of 28 years old, in March 2018. Exclusively dedicated to our mares, Prim de Syrah is nevertheless the progenitor of more than 60 ** or *** national products among whom several Top Ten, podiums and winners:

  • Aïcha de Bozouls, IRE 121 & DRE***
  • Djid de Bozouls et Djerifa de Bozouls, exported to Bahrain and Dubaï
  • Ziza de Bozouls, IRE 124 & DRE***
  • Djour de Bozouls, IRE 149, golden medal at Florac in 2011 and 6th at the Assisi's European Championship with the French Team
  • Al Jaïmie de Bozouls, IRE 137, 6th at the European individual and team Championship with the French team at Kreuth 2010. Silver medal of the young riders by team world championship, 11th in individual and 1st French at Abu dhabi in 2011
  • Jaya de Bozouls, IRE 133 & DRE***
  • Djelind de Bozouls, IRE 129
  • Djerlie de Bozouls, IRE 124 & DRE***
  • Saprima de Bozouls, IRE 128 & DRE**
  • Med des Agatchols, stallion DRE** & IRE 123
  • Prim de Bozouls, IRE 137
  • Shaaprim de Bozouls, winner of the Valencia CEI* in 2014
  • Pridjo de Bozsouls, IRE 125
  • Fuego de Bozouls, IRE 123
  • Rumba de Bozouls, 3rd of the 2016 Florac 8 YO Critérium CEI***
  • Naïprima de Bozouls, IRE 125 & DRE**
  • Aljaïmir de Bozouls, stallion IRE 126
  • Sapraya de Bozouls, IRE 112
  • Chaïma de Bozouls, 8th of the 2017 7YO world championship
  • Salim de Bozouls, IRE 114
  • The broodmares Salsa de Bozouls, Assida de Bozouls and Ben des Agatchols, DRE***
  • Djouhra de Bozouls, IRE 110, winner of the Pamiers CEI* in 2019
  • Sharia de Bozouls, IRE 110
  • Qais de Bozouls, 4th of the 2022 Brandivy CEI**, 7th at the Uzès CEI**, 25th at the Durance CEI* & 13th at the Compiègne CEI*** in 2021, 2nd at the 2019 Aumont Aubrac CEI* & 13th at Monpazier CEI***, 4th of the 2020 Fontainebleau CEI* 100 km. 

And plenty of other products ranked ** or *** at national level (Asap des Agatchols,  Djerifa de Bozouls, Djouf de Bozouls, Jaïmie de Bozouls, Naid de Bozouls, Naty des Agatchols, Riminie de Bozouls, Zaaf de Bozouls), or at 90 km events (Guarfa de Bozouls, Benapi de Bozouls, Méduse de Bozouls, Med des Agatchols, Chai de Bozouls…).


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