Aljaïma de Bozouls

Daughter of Diaf and last daughter out of Aiffa Lotoise, Aljaïma de Bozouls is an exceptional broodmare ranked **** on progeny.

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Aïffa Lotoise

27 years
Flea-bitten grey


Maternal Grandsire:

Chéri Bibi

Maternal Grandmother:


Sire: ---

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Last filly of Aïffa Lotoise, Aljaïma de Bozouls is indexed **** on progeny.

Her sire, Diaf, only produced few but very good quality foals. He is the sire of 4 mares indexed *** on progeny, themselves dams of plenty of nationally ranked horses or winners (Aljaïma de Bozouls, Djella de Bozouls, Djerba de Bozouls et Zaara de Bozouls), 1 stallion, Rim, indexed *** on progeny with only 9 products, 3 horses indexed *** on performance (Bley, Sire de Bozouls et Diaf de Bozouls) and 3 horses indexed ** on performance (As de Bozouls, El Rey de Bozouls, Touarec de Bozouls). Diaf is also sire **, ranked in 4 races of 130 km, one 160 and at Montcuq, and 5th at Moulin-Engilbert in 96.

Her dam, Aïffa Lotoise (Cheri Bibi*** x Djebelia***), only gave birth to 3 foals, but of exceptionnal quality : Rim (stallion *** on progeny, with only 9 products), Djad (stallion ** on progeny, with only 4 products), and Aljaïma de Bozouls.

Aljaïma is notably the dam of champions:

  • Al Jaïmie de Bozouls (1999), IRE 137, winner of CEI** Monpazier 2009, 2nd at CEIOYJ of Compiegne 2010, 6th at European Young Rider Championship of Kreuth 2010, and team gold
  • Jaïmie de Bozouls (2000), IRE 129 and DRE**
  • Jaya de Bozouls (2001), brood mare at the stud, IRE 133
  • Aljay des Agachiols (2002), sold, IRE 145
  • Aljaye de Bozouls (2003), brood mare at the stud farm, DRE***
  • Aljaïroi de Bozouls (2004), sold, IRE 110, "Elite" at 6 YO at Uzès, ranked at the 2015 Monpazier CEI** and 2016 Montcuq CEI***
  • Primalja de Bozouls (2006), breeding stallion at the stud farm, IRE 111
  • Fuego de Bozouls (2008) IRE 123, ranked 4 times in CEI***
  • Pridjo de Bozouls (2009), sold, IRE 125
  • Al jaïmir de Bozouls (2010) stallion passed away, IRE 126
  • Qais de Bozouls (2011), 4th at the 2020 Fontainebleau CEI*, 2nd of the Aumont Aubrac CEI* & 13th of the Monpazier CEI*** in 2019,
  • Djawad de Bozouls (2013), sold, ranked on CEI* in 2020
  • Elektra de Bozouls (2014), qualified on 80 km in 2020 & "Excellent" at the Uzès 5 years old race,
  • And many others...


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