Falcon de Bozouls

Falcon de Bozouls is a son of Med des Agatchols** (Prim de Syrah**** x Meduse***) & Aljaye de Bozouls*** (Faouzi**** x Aljaïma de Bozouls****).

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Med des Agatchols
Aljaye de Bozouls

7 years
Discipline : endurance


Paternal Grandsire:

Prim de Syrah

Maternal Grandsire:


Paternal Grandmother:


Maternal Grandmother:

Aljaïma de Bozouls

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Falcon de Bozouls is a son of Med des Agatchols** (Prim de Syrah**** x Meduse***) & Aljaye de Bozouls*** (Faouzi**** x Aljaïma de Bozouls****).

Falcon is kept as a stallion to take over the blood lines of his sire, Med des Agatchols, when he will retire. At 2 YO he wins the Ispagnac motion and style competition.

He is thus the full brother of And also the full brother of Elmer de Bozouls, 3rd of the 2022 Vallgoguina CEI*, "Elite" at 6 YO & "Excellent" at 5 YO at Uzès.

But also the uterine brother of the great Adadja de Bozouls "Shadeedah" IRE 154: 11th of 2021 CENJYR 120 km Sh Zayed b Mansoor b Zayed Al Nahyan Junior & young Riders Endurance Cup, ranked on the 2018 Dubaï CEI*** and on the 2019 Abu Dhabi Endurance Cup CEI**, world junior vice champion in 2017.

And also the uterine brother of Aljaypie de Bozouls, IRE 105 (broodmare at the stud farm) and Zambie de Bozouls, IRE 103.

Falcon started his endurance career in 2019. Until he qualified on the SHF races, he covered two mares who gave birth to two beautiful foals in 2021:

  • Ladydi de Bozouls (Benja de Bozouls by Jormane de Rouaisse)
  • Lalmeir de Bozouls (Valmeira by Ofik la Majorie).
Sire :

Son of Prim de Syrah**** and Méduse***, Med des Agatchols** is the only product born with these great breed lines. Being a nice model and thanks to these origins, he was kept entire. Med des Agatchols is a large, athletic horse and has full given paces. He qualified on CEI*** and is thus indexed 123, he is now dedicated to breeding and DRE**. His progeny is young but promising, some of them ranked "Elite" at Uzès since 2016, and one great mare, Abla de Bozouls IRE 131.

Dam :

Aljaye de Bozouls is one of our best broodmare. She is the filly of Aljaïma de Bozouls**** and Faouzi**** (Manganate). Aljaye is dedicated at endurance breeding, she is already the mother of several product ranked on CEI**, such as Adadja de Bozouls (IRE 154, world vice champion in 2017) and Elmer de Bozouls ("Elite" at 6 YO at Uzès).

Maternal Grandmother: :

Last daughter out of Aiffa Lotoise by Diaf, Aljaïma de Bozouls is an exceptional broodmare ranked **** on lineage with more than 12 tremendous products, among whom real champions such as Al Jaïmie de Bozouls, World Young Rider Vice-Champion in Team (1st French) in Abu Dhabi 2011, and Aljay des Agachiols, World 8-Year-Old Champion in Compiegne 2010.

Prize list

2019 :

- 20 km / Vaissac

- 20 km / La Vacquerie

- "Très Bon" / 4 years old final / Uzès

2020 :

- 40 km / La Vacquerie

2021 :

- 40 km / Allenc

- 60 km / La Vacquerie


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