Zaaroi de Bozouls

Zaaroi de bozouls is a son of Faouzi**** (Manganate***) and Zaara de Bozouls***.

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Zaara de Bozouls

18 years
Discipline : endurance


Paternal Grandsire:


Maternal Grandsire:


Paternal Grandmother:

Chems el Ghouroub

Maternal Grandmother:


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Zaaroi de bozouls is a son of Faouzi**** (Manganate***) and Zaara de Bozouls***.

He is thus the uterine brother to:

  • Ziza de Bozouls (1997): IRE 124, 14 races CEI* and CEI** consecutively with no elimination, broodmare at the stud farm,
  • Zazie de Bozouls (1998): broodmare at the stud farm,
  • Zaaf de Bozouls (1999): IRE 107, 4th of the 2009 Chavanay CEI**, graded on the 2010 Florac CEI***, graded on the 2011 Uzès CEI** and graded on the 2012 Monpazier CEI**, retired,
  • Chérie des Agachiols (2002): DRE*** broodmare at the stud farm,
  • Zaafa de Bozouls (2005): 8th of the 2012 aumont aubrac CEI**. Broodmare at the stud farm,
  • Zouk de Bozouls (2008): qualified on 90 km, sold in 2017,
  • Zohra de Bozouls (2011): broodmare at the stud farm.

Zaaroi is a large horse with brawny traits and good size in his strides. Thanks to his behavior and his performance on the 2014 Italian Ladies world championship CEI**, he was sold and exported to the UAE, just after the race.

Sire :

Son of the great Manganate, Faouzi is the sire of great champions on international endurance events. Before passing away, he passed on his great blood line to 30 offspring of the stud farm, in which 2 greats champion, which allows Faouzi be indexed**** on progeny.

Dam :

Zaara de Bozouls is a mare by Diaf** and Méduse****. Before being sold in 2015 at the stud farm auctioning, Zaara had 10 products and is indexed DRE*** on progeny.

Maternal Grandmother: :

Méduse was bought in 1980 when she was one year old. She is thus the founder broodmare of the stud farm. She is indexed DRE*** on progeny. She has great bloodlines since she is the filly of Giaur and Mona Lisa***. She had 15 products in which 8 of them are indexed ** and *** on performances

Prize list


  • Graded / “Excellent” 5 year old final / Uzès


  • Graded / “Elite” 6 year old final / Uzès


  • 10th / CEI** / Négrepelisse
  • 15th / CEI* / Uzès


  • 8th / CEI** / Uzès (19, 45 km/h final speed)


  • 11th / Ladies world championship CEI** / Italie ( 25 km/h final speed)

Collateral brothers and sisters