Udjidor de Bozouls

Fille du célèbre Dormane **** et d'Udjella ***, Udjidor de Bozouls affiche, en trois ans de carrière sur les hippodromes français et étrangers, un palmarès impressionnent. Etirée de la course, Udjidor est maintenant poulinière à l'élevage.

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19 years


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Udjidor de Bozouls is a filly of the famous Dormane**** and of our broodmare Udjella***. In 3 years of racing career on the French and abroad racecourses, she ran 17 races, won 6 time and placed herself on the 11 others, in which several Gr 1 races. She is thus : - Winner The National Bank of Dubaï Hatta International Stakes 2005 (Gr 1 PA) - Winner Critérium des Pouliches, Mont-de-Marsan 2005 - Winner Prix Quitaine, Toulouse 2006 - Winner Prix de l'élevage, Tarbes 2005 - Winner Prix Magicienne, Pau 2005 - Winner Prix Dormane, Tarbes 2004 But also : - 3rd at The NBD Hatta International Stakes 2006 (Gr 1 PA) - 4th at Coupe d'Europe des Chevaux Arabes, Chantilly 2006 (Gr 1 PA) - 6th at Dubaï Kahayla Classic, UAE 2006 (Gr 1 PA) - 3rd at Malazgirt Trophy, Istanbul 2005 (Turkish Gr 1) And lots of other places ! Her full brothers and sisters also win fames, in flat races as well as endurance. We can note Djeldor de Bozouls (Exported, 9 victories in Englan and 11 places, winner Gr 1), Udjedaï des Agatchols (Exported for flat races, 3 victories in 2007 in GB and at the UAE), Udjelreine de Bozouls (2 victories and 2 places), but also Djellade de Bozouls, who started her endurance career in 2009, with a ELITE grading at Uzès. Her uterine brothers are also performers in endurance : Touarec de Bozouls (graded on CEI**), Sire de Bozouls (Top ten on CEI**, 3 times top ten on CEI ***, had been member of the English Team), Djel de Bozouls (graded on CEI**, 3rd on CEN**). Her sire, Dormane, is one of the most famous stallion for flat races and endurance, sire of plenty of winners : 31 products graded on national, in which 6 are ire***. He is in particular the sire of the winners Dorvana, Décibelle de Paute and Electra. In flat races, he produced the winners Dariya, Amsara d'aroco, Paris Gagner, Zormania, Djezika, Anastasya, Souk de Candelon, Beaulieu du Paon, Emma du Cayrou, Nez d'Or, Boppmoon, Noreen .... Udjidor is now broodmare at the stud farm. She produced : - Diam de Bozouls (2008, Al Sakbe). At the stud farm - Jidwicha de Bozouls (2009, Darweesh). At the stud farm - Amperora de Bozouls (2010, Amperor des Cèdres).

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Méduse, foundation mare of our stud, is indexed *** on progeny and her offspring are really exceptional with 7 products indexed ** or *** on performances


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