Udjidor de Bozouls

Filly of the great Dormane**** and Udjella**** (Djourman x Meduse), Udjidor de Bozouls is born threw champions lineage and has an impressive flat race track record in France and abroad. 

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Filly of the great Dormane**** and Udjella**** (Djourman x Meduse), Udjidor de Bozouls is born threw champions lineage and has an impressive flat race track record in France and abroad. Indeed in three years she ran 17 times, won 6 times and placed her self-11 times, in which several Gr 1 races.

Udjidor’s sire, the great Dormane, is the sire of flat races and endurance winners: 31 offspring’s ranked on nationals events among 6 indexed IRE*** on performances. In endurance we can notice: Dorvana, Décibelle de paute and Electra. In flat races we can notice: Dariya, Amsara d’Aroco, Paris Gagner, Zormania, Djewiska, Anastasya, Souk de Candelon, Beaulieu du paon, Emma du Cayrou, Nez d’OR, Boppmoon, Noreen…

She is thus the sister to flat race and endurance performers, in which:

  • Touarec de Bozouls (1994): ranked on CEI**,
  • Sire de Bozouls (1995): Top ten on CEI**, 3 times Top ten on CEI*** and selected in the England National team,
  • Djel de Bozouls (1996): Ranked on CEI** and 3rd on CEN**,
  • Djeldor de Bozouls (1998): sold and exported, since 9 wins in England and 11 places, winner in Gr1,
  • Udjedaï de Bozouls (2001): sold and exported, since in 2007, 3 wins in England and UAE,
  • Udjella de Bozouls (2002): 5 starts and 2 places. Broodmare at the stud farm and dam of the winner Udjess de Bozouls,
  • Djellade de Bozouls (2003): graded “Elite” of the 2009 Uzès 6 years old final, 13th of the 2010 Compiègne 7 years old world championship. Broodmare at the stud farm,
  • Udjelreine de Bozouls (2004): 9 starts, 2 wins and 2 places. Broodmare at the stud farm,
  • Udoka de Bozouls (2006): broodmare at the stud farm,
  • Udjidora de Bozouls (2007): sold and exported to the UAE.

She is now broodmare at the stud farm and the dam of:

  • Diam de Bozouls (2008, Al Sakbe): sold, winner of the 2019 Euston Park CEI*, 8th of the 2016 Fontainebleau CEI*, ranked at the 2017 Costaros CEI* and ranked at the 2018 Copa del Rey (Spain) CEI**,
  • Jidwicha de Bozouls (2009, Darweesh): 5 starts and 2 places, broodmare at the stud farm,
  • Amperora de Bozouls (2010, Amperor des Cédres): 2 races. Broodmare at the stud farm,
  • Raad de Bozouls (2011, Dahess): broodmare at the stud farm,
  • Cakouet de Bozouls (2012, Dahess): 23 races from 2015 to 2018, 4 wins, 11 podiums and 2 places. Sold in 2012 at the stud farm auctioning,
  • Caracole de Bozouls (2012, Dahess): 13 races from 2016 to 2018, 4 podiums and 2 places,
  • Diago de Bozouls (2013, Munjiz): ranked on the 2019 Pamiers CEI*,
  • Envole-moi Bozouls (2014, Munjiz): qualified on 40 km in 2019,
  • Favori de Bozouls (2015, Muguet de Pascade): flat race training,
  • Hudji de Bozouls (2017, Muguet de Pascade),
  • Isidora de Bozouls (2018, Muguet de Pascade),
  • Jindor de Bozouls (2019, Al Mourtajez),
  • Kamalfa de Bozouls (2020, Af Al Buraq).
Maternal Grandmother: :

Méduse was bought in 1980 when she was one year old. She is thus the founder broodmare of the stud farm. She is indexed DRE*** on progeny. She has great bloodlines since she is the filly of Giaur and Mona Lisa***. She had 15 products in which 8 of them are indexed ** and *** on performances

Prize list


  • Winner / Dormane price / Tarbes


  • Winner / Gr1 / National Bank Hatta international Stakes / Dubaï
  • 3rd / Turkish Gr1 / Malazgirt Trophy / Istambul
  • Winner / filly critérium / Mont de Marsan
  • Winner / breeding price / Tarbes
  • Winner / Magicienne price / Pau


  • Winner / Quitaine price / Toulouse
  • 3rd / Gr1 PA / NBD Hatta International Stakes
  • 4th / Gr1 PA / Coupe d’Europe des Chevaux arabes / Chantilly
  • 6th / Gr1 PA / Dubaï Kahayla Classic / UAE

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