Djour de Bozouls

Djour de Bozouls est entré en 2009 en EQUIPE DE FRANCE d'endurance. Il a couru 7 courses ** et ***, parmi les plus importantes, en étant toujours classé.

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Prim de Syrah
Djerba de Bozouls

21 years
Discipline : endurance


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Pom du Berlais

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Son of Prim de Syrah*** and Djerba de Bozouls**, Djour de Bozouls has entered in 2009 the FRENCH ENDURANCE TEAM. He participated to 7 ** and *** races, among the more importants and was always classified. Under Djour's belt : - 13th at Virac 2007 - 10th at CEI** Sommant 2008 - 6th at CEI*** Landivisiau 2008 - 2nd at Montcuq 2008 (winner of the 2nd day) - 9th at CEIO Compiègne 2009 - 6th at Assisi European Championship 2009 - 16th on the CEIO*** at Compiegne 2010 His sire, Prim de Syrah, classified *** on descendants, is the leading stallion of the stud farm. Exclusively dedicated to our mares, Prim de Syrah is nevertheless the progenitor of more than 15 ** or *** national products, among which several top ten, podiums or winners : Aïcha de Bozouls (winner at Kreuth 2007, 2nd at Sommant 2007), Djid de Bozouls and Djerifa de Bozouls (exported to Barhain and to Dubaï), Ziza de Bozouls, (14 races * or **, never eliminated, and that will probably be in the Swiss team in 2010), Djour de Bozouls, (2nd Montcuq 2008, 6th at Assisi European Championship for the French Team), Al Jaïmie de Bozouls (winner of Monpazier CEI** 2009), Jaya de Bozouls (3rd at 7 years old of World championship in Compiègne 2009), and a lots of other products graded at National level. Her dam, Djerba de Bozouls, is a filly of Diaf** and Udjella***. In addition to Djour de Bozouls, she has other promising products, in flat races as well as endurance, and is thus indexed *** on descendants. She has in particular produced Djourba de Bozouls (7 places at flat races from 2000 to 20002, dam of Djourfée de Bozouls, 5 races, 2 victories, 3 places), Djerifa de Bozouls (exported to the UAE) and Djerfao de Bozouls (winner on 90 VI).

Sire :

Prim de Syrah, indexed*** on progeny, is the leading stallion of the stud. He passed away at the age of 28 years old, in March 2018. Exclusively dedicated to our mares, Prim de Syrah is nevertheless the progenitor of more than 60 ** or *** national products among whom several top ten, podiums winners or winners such as for ex. Djour de Bozouls or Al Jaïmie de Bozouls who were both in the French Team.

Dam :

Djerba de Bozouls is a daughter of Diaf ** and Udjella *** (Djourman *** x Méduse ***). With a son competing in the French Team (Djour de Bozouls) and other promising products, both in flat and endurance, her offspring is very exceptional and she is indexed *** on progeny.

Maternal Grandmother: :

Udjella ***, daugther of Djourman *** and Méduse ***, had excellent offspring both for flat races and endurance. She is the dam of 3 broodmares indexed *** and endurance performers.

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