Djewel de Bozouls

Djewel is a son of Farid del Saul**** and Saprima de Bozouls (Prim de Syrah**** x Samira de Bozouls***).

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Farid del Saul
Saprima de Bozouls

9 years
Light grey
Discipline : endurance


Paternal Grandsire:

Dzahir des Chênes

Maternal Grandsire:

Prim de Syrah

Paternal Grandmother:


Maternal Grandmother:

Samira de Bozouls

More info

Djewel is a son of Farid del Saul**** and Saprima de Bozouls (Prim de Syrah**** x Samira de Bozouls***).

He is the full brother of:

  • Sahid de Bozouls: sold and exported to the EAU.

He went at breaking in at the age of 4 with Cristophe ALLAC and came back at the stud for training in 2017. Since he had good results.

Sire :

As he ranked twice on 120 km races at Huelgoat and Argentant, in 2005, Farid del Saul is indexed IRE** on perforances. Since he is stallion at the stud farm he passed on his great qualities and willingness to all his offsprings (>50), in which 30 of them are ranked on CEI*, ** and ***.

Dam :

Saprima de Bozouls is a filly by Prim de Syrah**** and Samira de Bozouls*** (Rim*** x Shaa***). She is thus the full sister to the performers Sapraya de Bozouls (ire 112) and Salim de Bozouls (7th of the 2019 Uzès CEI*, 7th of the 2017 Santa Susanna CEI**. In 2018, 3rd of the Costaros CEI** and 8th of the Montcuq CEI***). Saprima is IRE 126, she has a prestigious track record since she is several time Top ten and Podiums on CEI** and CEI***. It is a large mare with a great heart recovery rate. She came back at the stud farm in 2019 to dedicate herself to breeding.

Maternal Grandmother: :

Filly by Rim*** and Shaa***, Samira de Bozouls was a prestigious DRE*** broodmare of the stud farm. Samira de Bozouls sadly passed away in 2014 but left behind her 8 prestigious products.

Prize list

2015 :

  • 20 km / Salvagnac
  • 20 km / Lodève
  • 20 km / Camprieu

2016 :

  • 20 km / La Boissière
  • 40 km / La Canourgue
  • 40 km / Colombies
  • 40 km / La Magdelaine
  • "Excellent" / 5 year old final / Uzès

2017 :

  • 80 km / Julianges
  • 40 km / Degagnazes
  • Graded "Excellent" / 100 km / Uzès (young horse final)

2018 :

  • 16th / CEI* / Tordera
  • 10 th / CEI** / Uzès

2019 :

  • 17th / CEI** / Lignières
  • Winner / CEI* / Jullianges

Collateral brothers and sisters