Benazid de Bozouls

Benazid de Bozouls is a gelding of Aid des Agachiols** (djad**) and Zide des Agachiols** (Farid des Saul*** x Ziza de Bozuls**).

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Aid des Agachiols
Zide des Agachiols

13 years
Discipline : endurance


Paternal Grandsire:


Maternal Grandsire:

Farid Del Saul

Paternal Grandmother:

Aïcha de Bozouls

Maternal Grandmother:

Ziza de Bozouls

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Benazid de Bozouls is a gelding of Aid des Agachiols** (djad**) and Zide des Agachiols** (Farid des Saul*** x Ziza de Bozuls**).
Benazid is a large horse with a good metabolism and a great race determination. He quickly ranked on 20, 40 and 60 km with his trainer, Vincent GAUDRIOT. In 2015 he qualified at the 2015 Cremps 40 km race, under the saddle of Virginie CAILAUD and was then sold and exported to the UAE, where he ranked on the Corlay CEI** with his new owner.

Sire :

Foal of the good-natured Djad** out of Aïcha de Bozouls***, Aid is indexed DRE*** and has a covering breeding career at the stud farm. Aid des Agachiols is not only, thick, structured brawny stallion, he also has got an excellent metabolism rate, a good size in his strides when galloping. Moreover, he shows an excellent temper, especially towards other competitors during races. At the age of 7, for his first endurance season in 2009, Aid ranked himself at the Landivisiau CEI* and Le Pertre CEI**. In 2010, Aid ranked again in CEI**, at Plougonven-Coatelan. He stopped his competing career in 2010 and is now dedicated to a covering breeding career at the stud farm. He passed on his brawny traits to his first products, with impressive hindquarters. Thanks to his progeny he is indexed DRE***. He is thus the father of Benazid de Bozouls (winner of the 2016 Corlay CEI**) & Benaida de Bozouls IRE 127.

Dam :

Zide des Agachiols is a filly by Farid del Saul**** and Ziza de Bozouls***. She is thus the full sister to Zize des Agatchols, IRE 120 and DRE***. Zide went at training in 2011 and qualified on 90 km. In 2012, she finished 12th of the tarbes CEI* and 9th of the Negrepelisse CEI**. She has been broodmare at the stud farm during many years, IRE 99 and DRE**. She is the dam of 8 young products, in wich Benazid de Bozouls, winner of the 2016 Corlay CEI**.

Maternal Grandmother: :

Mare by Prim de Syrah**** and Zaara de Bozouls***, Ziza de Bozouls is a broodmare with a great metabolism, she is indexed DRE*** and IRE 124. She is the full sister & the uterine sister to performers, in which Zaaf de Bozouls (IRE 107) and Zaaroi de Bozouls (IRE 127). Ziza de Bozouls IRE 124, raced 14 races CEI* and CEI** consecutively with no elimination, from 90 km to 130 km. Easy to ride, Zazie has a great will and is at ease on trail races.

Collateral brothers and sisters