Espoir de Bozouls

Espoir de Bozouls is a filly of the great Faouzi*** (Manganate*) and Djerba de Bozouls****. Espoir de Bozouls was sold in 2015.

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Djerba de Bozouls

17 years
Discipline : endurance


Paternal Grandsire:


Maternal Grandsire:


Paternal Grandmother:

Chems el Ghouroub

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Espoir de Bozouls is a filly of the great Faouzi*** (Manganate*) and Djerba de Bozouls****.

He is thus the brother of:

  • Djerfao de Bozouls (full sister): in 2010, 9th of the 7 years old world championship of Sommant and winner on 90 VI and qualified on CEI*. Broodmare at the stud farm,
  • Djour de Bozouls (1998): In 2009, 2nd at Montcuq and 9th at Compiègne, wich allow him to be selected in the FRENCH ENDURANCE TEAM and 6th at the Assisi's European Championship 2009. In 2011, European champion at Florac and 5th of the Sommant CEI***. 2nd of the 2012 Plougonven CEI**. Sold, 
  • Djerifa de Bozouls (1999): exported to the UAE, 
  • Djerlie de Bozouls (2001): in 2012, 2nd of the Villeneuve CEI**, 9th of the Mirande CEI** and 11th of the Montpazier CEI**. In 2014, graded on the Castelsagrat CEI* and the Barre des Cevennes CEI**. Broodmare at the stud farm,


  • 2010/2011: qualified on 20 and 40 km, 
  • 2012: ranked “Elite” at the Uzès 6 years old free average speed,
  • 2013: winner of the St Feliu Sasseres (Spain) CEI*, 6th on the Compiègne CEI** and 2nd of the Italian world championship CEI**,
  • 2014: 3rd of the Basacara CEI**, under the saddle of Roberto DIEZ NOGUERA

Espoir de Bozouls was selected to race at the 2015 Maktoum Cup with his trainer Roberto DIEZ NOGUERA. He was sold just before the race.

Sire :

Son of the great Manganate, Faouzi is the sire of great champions on international endurance events. Before passing away, he passed on his great blood line to 30 offspring of the stud farm, in which many champions, which allows Faouzi be indexed**** on progeny.

Dam :

Djerba de Bozouls**** is the filly of Diaf*** and Udjella*** (Djourman*** x Méduse***). As Aljaïma de Bozouls, Djerba de Bozouls, is a pioneer and one of the best broodmare of the stud farm. Thanks to her incredible offspring, among IRE**, IRE*** and a son selected in the National France team in 2009 and 2011, Djerba is indexed DRE**** on progeny.

Maternal Grandmother: :

One of the foundation broodmare of the stud farm, Udjella is a filly of Djourman (Manguier x Djouranta) and Méduse*** (Giaur x Mona Lisa). She is thus the ¾ sister to Morgane de Piboul (dam of Al Sakbe). Udjella is indexed*** on progeny and could breed for endurance as well as for flat race.

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