Our Champions Endurance and Races


Our Champions Endurance and Races

Since 2004, a lot of horses from Mezy’s stud farm have become famous in France as well as abroad concerning flat races and endurance. The results talks about themselves; on 87 flat races, the breeding shows 16 victories and 46 placed. In endurance, more than 60 horses are ranked on CEI** and CEI*** and among them we have a lot of winners, Top Ten, two medal-holders in 2011 and one medal-holders in 2015 with the French team.

In endurance, 2011 year was important since Djour de Bozouls become the European Champion with the French Team at Florac, as Al Jaïmie de Bozouls Vice-Champion of World championship of the young riders at Abu Dhabi (and first French). In 2010, Aljay des Agachiols became the World Champion of the 8 years old on the CEI*** at Compiègne, then next year he became victorious on the CEI ** at Tartas at the beginning of the season, before being exported.
In 2012, Nadia al fée de Bozouls ranked at the 3rd place of the World championship of the 7 Years old at Babolna (in Hungary) and Guarfao de Bozouls finished at the 7th place. One year later, Espoir de Bozouls became Vice-Champion of the 7 Years old at Valeggio Sul Mincio in Italy. In 2015, we had an other horse silver medal-holder with the French team, Guarfao de Bozouls, ranked at the 11th place on the European championship at Samorin (SLK).

OUR MAIN CHAMPIONS (alphabetical order)

Abla de Bozouls: 7th of the Florac CEI** & 13th of the Fontainebleau CEI*** in 2019, 8th of the 7 YO World Championship at Samorin in 2018, "Elite" at 6 YO at Uzès.

Adadja de Bozouls "Shadeedah" IRE 154: 11th of the 2021 CENJYR 120 km at the UAE, world junior vice champion, ranked at the 2018 & 2019 Dubaï CEI***.

Aïcha de Bozouls: 2nd of the 2007 Sommant CEI**, winner CEIYJ *** Kreuth 2007.

Aljay des Agachiols: 8 YO world Champion at Compiègne in 2010, winner of the 2011 Tartas CEI**.

Al Jaimir de Bozouls: Winner of the 2018 Comporta CEI** and 4th of the 2017 Madrid CEI**. 

Al Jaïmie de Bozouls: Winner on the CEI** Monpazier 2009 (3rd Scratch), 2nd in CEIOJ** Compiègne 2010, vice-champion in Young Riders World Championships in Abu Dhabi 2011 (and First French).

Aljaïroi de Bozouls: "Elite" at 6 YO at Uzès. 

Assara de Bozouls: 4th of the 2005 Nancy CEI**, 5th of the 2005 Landivisiau CEI***.

Assija de Bozouls: 9th of the Florac CEI*** 160 km & winner of the Jullianges CEI* in 2021, 2nd of the 2019 Barre des Cévennes CEI**.

Assidaroi de Bozouls: 6 times ranked on CEI**, twice on CEI*** and winner of the Suiss Junior Championship in 2014.

Assijo de Bozouls: "Elite" at 6 YO at Uzès.

Batcho de Bozouls: Winner of the 2016 Rascafria CEI** (Copa del Rey).

Bemira de Bozouls: 7th of the 2008 Euston Park CEI** with Emirates colours.

Benaïda de Bozouls: 2nd of the Costaros CEI* and of the Lignières CEI*** in 2017, 3rd of the 2018 Costaros CEI*.

Benazid de Bozouls: Winner of the 2016 Corlay CEI**. 

Bley: 5 times top ten in CEI** and CEI***, among which 5th in CEI*** Florac 2003, 8th in CEIO**** La Baule 2004.

Cakouet de Bozouls: 24 starts (France and abroad); 4 wins; 14 places including 2 seconds in Gr.2 and third in Gr.1. Winner of the Prestige Al Aain Mile Price in 2018.

Candy de Bozouls: winner of the 2019 Aumont Aubrac CEI*.

Chams de Bozouls: 8 times ranked on CEI**, in which, 2 podiums at Lignières and Madine. Twice podium at the Fontainebleau CEI***.

Charly de Bozouls: 3rd of the 2021 Montcuq CEI***.

Cherida de Bozouls: 11th of 7 Y-O championship (CEI**) at Samorin, 7th on the CEI*** at Samorin (SVK) in 2015 and 17th of the World Championship in Slovakia with the Mexico Team.

Chochana de Bozouls: 3rd of the 2021 Allenc CEI**.

Dawa de Bozouls: 8th of the 2021 8 YO world championship.

Délia de Bozouls: 7th of the 2021 8 YO world championship.

Djerdor de Bozouls: 3rd of the 2021 Ademuz CEI*** & winner of the 2020 Badajoz CEI***.

Djerk de Bozouls: 2nd of the 2021 Castillonnes CEI**.

Diaf: 6 times ranked on CEI** & CEI***.

Diaf de Bozouls: 10 times ranked on CEI** & CEI***, among which 3 times at Florac, 10th of the 2004 Alfred’s tower CEi**, 4th of the 2000 Negrepelisse CEI**.

Djef des Agatchols: 8 times ranked on CEI**, 8th on the CEI** in Bouthied in Abu Dhabi (average speed 26 km/h) and 3rd on the CEI** at Muscat (OMA).

Djellade de Bozouls: "Elite" at 6 YO at Uzès, 9th of the 8 YO World Championship (CEI***) Compiègne 2011.

Djelfor de Bozouls: Winner of the 2018 Lignières CEI*.

Djelind de Bozouls: Winner of the Lignières CEI* and 3rd of the 2016 Castelsagrat CEI*, 3rd of the 2010 Sponsors’ Trophy CEI** at Compiègne.

Djerfo de Bozouls: 14 races since 2009 to 2011 ; 2 wins and 10 places.

Djerifa de Bozouls: 9th of the 2009 Bouthib CEI** with Emirates colours.

Djour de Bozouls: 2nd of the 2008 Montcuq CEI***, 6th of the 2009 European Championship, 5th of the 2011 Sommant CEI*** , Team Europe Champion at Florac in 2011.

Djourfée de Bozouls: 2 wins and 3 places out of 5 races ; 1st at Prize Magicienne Pau, 2008 / 1st at Prize Ourour Toulouse, 2007.

Dorasa de la Forêt: Winner of the 2013 Aumont Aubrac CEI*.

Espoir de Bozouls: "Elite" at 6 YO at Uzès, 7 YO vice-champion at Valeggio Sul Mincio in 2013.

Eïwa de Bozouls: 5th of the Fontainebleau CEI** 7YO & 3rd of the Castelsagrat TOP 7 100 km in 2021, "Elite" and champion of the 5 YO final at Uzès.

Elmer de Bozouls: 3rd of the 2022 Vallgorguina CEI* & "Elite" at 6 YO at Uzès.

Eldorado de Bozouls: "Elite" at 6 YO at Uzès.

Fardaous de Bozouls: Winner of the Costaros CEI** (2*70km) and 2nd of the Lignières CEI* in 2019.

Faoudiola de Bozouls: Winner of the Badajoz CEI* and 3rd of the Pise Toscana Endurance Championship CEI* in 2018, 6th of the 7 YO World championship at Valeggio Sul Mincio.

Farshaa de Bozouls: 4th of the 2021 Monpazier CEI** (2*70 km) and graded “Elite” at 6 YO at Uzès.

Farwest de Bozouls: "Elite" at 5 YO at Uzès.

Fuego de Bozouls : IRE 123, ranked 4 times on CEI***.

Gabie de Bozouls: "Elite" at 5 YO at Uzès.

Guardio de Bozouls:  8th on the world championship for 8 year olds at Compiègne in 2011, 12th of the Rambouillet CEI***, 5th of the Monpazier CEI**, graded at the 2 days Montcuq CEI*** in 2012

Guarfao de Bozouls: IRE 150, 11th of the 2015 european championship (silver medal with the french team).

Havana de Bozouls: 3rd on the CEI** Ladies Fontainebleau on 2018. 

Jade de Bozouls: Winner of the Costaros CEI*** and 6th of the Monpazier CEI*** in 2017, 5th of the 2018 Monpazier CEI***.

J'ador de Bozouls: 4 times ranked on CEI** and 4 times on CEI***.

Jaya de Bozouls: 3rd of the 2008 7 YO world Championship at Compiègne, 3rd of the 2009 Rambouillet CEI**.

Jorfiga de Bozouls: 3rd of the 2017 Madine CEI** and 3rd of the 2018 Tartas CEI**.

King de Bozouls : 3rd of the Fontainebleau CEI*** 140 km, 7th of the Loubejac CEI** & 12th of the Compiègne CEI***, winner of the Port Saint Louis CEI*, graded “Elite” at 5 YO at Uzès.

Lili Ankh: "Elite" at 6 YO at Uzès, winner of the 2013 Aumont Aubrac CEI**.

Nadia al fée de Bozouls: 3rd of the 7 YO World championship at Babolna in 2012.

Nafa de Bozouls: 2nd of the Rambouillet CEI** and 2nd of the 8 Y-O s’ Criterium at Florac in 2014, 2nd of the 2015 Rambouillet CEI***, winner of the 2016 Tartas CEI**.

Naïprima de Bozouls: 6th of the 2018 Santa Susanna CEI***, twice ranked 5th on the Bruxelles CEIO*** (in 2016 and 2017).

Naïfée de Bozouls: 9th of the French championship & 12th of the Monpazier CEI*** in 2020, 5th of the Montcuq CEI*** and winner of the Plourivo CEI** (2*70) in 2019.

Natia de Bozouls: 2nd of the 2008 Saintes Maries de la Mer 130 km.

Natifao de Bozouls: 4th of the Montcuq CEI*** and 4th of the Saint Donas Sur l'Herbasse CEI* in 2019, 4th of the 2013 Castelsagrat CEI** and 3rd of the 2014 Rambouillet CEI***, "Elite" at 6 YO at Uzès.

Naya de Bozouls: 2nd of the 2009 Vittel CEI**, 3rd of the 2009 Monpazier CEI**, winner of the 2010 Monpazier 160 km.

Prim de Bozouls: 2nd of the Collsacabra CEI* and 2nd of the Moia CEI* in 2012, 2nd of the 2013 Durance CEI*, 5th of the 2014 Saintes Marie de la Mer CEI**, 10th of the 2015 Fontainebleau CEI**.

Primara de Bozouls: 3rd of 2013 Aumont-Aubrac CEI**.

Qaïs de Bozouls: 13th of the Compiègne CEI*** & 7th of the Uzès CEI** in 2021, 4th of the 2020 Fontainebleau CEI* 100 km.

Raid de Bozouls: 5th of the 2007 Pau CEIJ***, 3rd of the 2008 Pau CEIJ***.

Raïmie de Bozouls: 2 wins and Top Ten on CEI** and CEI***, 4th at the World Championship for 8 year olds in CEI*** Compiègne 2008, then under Emirates colours : Winner in CEI** Rambouillet 2010, Winner of the “Morocco-Bahrain” Trophy in CEI** 2010, 5th in CEI*** Sakhir 2010, 6th in CEI** Euston Park 2010.

Rumba de Bozouls: 3rd of the Florac 8 YO Criterium CEI***.

Sakhr de Bozouls: 11th of the 2022 Al Ula 120 km (Saoudi Arabia).

Salim de Bozouls: 3rd of the Costaros CEI** and 8th of the Montcuq CEI*** (2*90) in 2018.

Saprima de Bozouls: winner of the 2019 Tordera CEI*, 3rd of Tordera CEI* and 2nd of the Lignières CEI*** in 2018, 8th of the Fontainebleau CEI***, 7th of the 2017 Pise Ladies CEI**, 3rd of the 2016 Rio Frio CEI***.

Sire de Bozouls: 6 times ranked on CEI** and CEI*** ; selected with England Team. Among which : 5th in CEI** Nancy 2005, 4th CEI** Haywood Oaks 2007, 5th CEI*** Dukeries 2007, 3th CEI** Haywood Oaks 2008.

Shaaprim de Bozouls: Winner of the 2014 Valencia CEI*.

Shamy de Bozouls: Winner of the 2019 Costaros CEI*, winner of the Rio Frio CEI** and 9th of the 7 YO world championship at Samorin in 2018.

Udjess de Bozouls: 14 races : 9 podiums with 3 victories ; winner of the Pierre Pechdo prize (at Pompadour), winner of the Mediterranean prize (at Cagnes-sur-mer) in 2013, then, winner of the Duindigt prize in 2014.

Vénus de Bozouls: 2nd of the 2009 Saint Paulien CEI**.

Zaaroi de Bozouls: "Elite" at 6 YO at Uzès, 4 times ranked on CEI**, 7th of the 2014 Dubaï CEI*.

Zardor de Bozouls: 7th of the Lignières CEIYJ** and 4th of the Fontainebleau CEIYJ** in 2015, ranked on the 2016 President cup CEI*** (only french couple ending the race).

Zephir de Bozouls: 18th of the 2013 young riders mondial (4th with Malaysian team), winner of the 2016 Costaros CEI**.

Zize des Agatchols: 6th of the 2008 Le Pertre CEI**.