Visibles performances abroad

Visibles performances abroad


Around 100 horses have been sold these last ten years, among them Djef des Agatchols, Asap des Agatchols, Raimie de Bozouls and many others... We follow attentively their results.

Below are our solds horses mains results. Click here to see the complete list.

Djef des Agatchols : 4th of the 2013 Numana CEI** (Italy), 6th of the 2014 BouThib (EAU) CEIYJ**, 5th of the Muscat (OMA) CEI** an 3rd of the Muscta CEI** Muscat in 2015

Diam de Bozouls : 18th of the 2021 120 km Seeh Al Salam Endurance Challenge and winner of the Euston Park CEI* & 35th of the 120 km Jumeirah Endurance in 2019

Asap des Agatchols : Winner of the 2014 Ispagnac 120 km, 4th of the 2015 Doha CEI**

Mégar de Bozouls : 15th of the 2019 Endurance Ride CEI*, ranked on the Dubaï CEI** and 34th of the Bou Thib CEI* in 2016

Zaaroi de Bozouls : 42th of the 2020 100 km Al Wathba Cup for Pvt Owners and 7th of the Dubaï 2014 CEI* 

Haidouck de Bozouls : ranked on the 2014 Dubaï CEI*

Espoir de Bozouls : 3rd of the 2015 Samorin CEI**

Djinn de Bozouls : 16th of the 2018 CEI* 100 km Al Wathba Cup for Pvt Owners, 14th of the Rambouillet CEI* and 10th of the Landivisiau CEI** in 2015

Nanou de Bozouls : ranked on the Monpazier CEI** and 10th of the Doha CEI** in 2015

Kephir de Bozouls : 2nd of the Euston Park Juniors 120 km and 10th of the Hasparren CEI* in 2016

Benazid de Bozouls : 45th of the 2020 100 km Endurance Ride, winner of the 2016 Corlay CEI**, 11th of the 2015 Plougonven CEI*

Djerprima de Bozouls : 4th on 120 km Ispagnac in 2014

Prayda de Bozouls : ranked on the 2014 Dubaï CEI*

Praydo de Bozouls : 8th of the 100 km Junior Young Riders Endurance Cup, 9th of the 100 km Al Khalediah Endurance Cup and 15th of the 100km The Saudi Arabian Olympic Commitee Endurance Cup in 2021, 31th of the CEI** Two Holy Mosques Endurance Cup in 2020, 3rd of the CEI** Federation Third qualifier (Saoudi Arabia) & 6th of the CEI* Endurance Ride in 2019

Adadja de Bozouls : 11th of 2021 CENJYR 120 km Sh Zayed b Mansoor b Zayed Al Nahyan Junior & young Riders Endurance Cup, ranked on the 2018 Dubaï CEI*** and on the 2019 Abu Dhabi Endurance Cup CEI**, world junior vice champion in 2017

Udjess de Bozouls : 24 starts (France and abroad); 4 wins; 14 places including 2 seconds in Gr.2 and third in Gr.1. Winner of the Prestige Al Aain Mile Price the 03/02/2018

Natifa de Bozouls : 2nd of 2018 Monpazier CEI**, ranked on the 2019 President Cup CEI***

Nedjm de Bozouls :  77th of the 2022 160 km President of the United Arab Emirates Cup (396 starters) and 3rd of the 120 km Endurance Ride & 15th of the 120 km Endurance Trainers Cup in 2021, 2nd of the CEIYJ** Euston Park and winner of the CEIYJ** Kings Forest in 2019

Milord de Bozouls : 37th of the 120 km Al Fahidi Endurance Cup and 61th of the 120 km HH Sh Mohd B. Rashid Al Maktoum Cup for Private Stables in 2021

Djelbena de Bozouls : Ranked on the Endurance Trainers Cup CEI**, 19th of the 120 km Al Marmoon Endurance Cup & ranked on the Endurance Trainers CEI* in 2019, ranked on the 2018 Al Reef Cup CEI**

Sahid de Bozouls : Ranked on the 2017 Bou Thib CEI*

Nefoud de Bozouls : 83th of the 2019 120 km Al Maktoum Cup, ranked on the 2018 Diec Endurance Ride CEI* 

Guartor de Bozouls : Ranked on the 2019 Endurance Ride CEI*, 8th of the Tordera CEI* and 9th of the Kings forest CEI* in 2017

Nedjm de Bozouls : 2nd of the Euston Park CEIYJ** and winner of the Kings Forest CEIYJ** in 2019, 9th of 2018 Euston Park CEI***, ranked on the 2019 Abu Dhabi CEI**

Chaliuka de Bozouls : 3rd of the 80 km BEV Qualifier, 8th of the 100 km CEI* Al Ain Endurance Ride and 32th of the CEI* 100km FEI Qualifier in 2021, 2nd of the 2019 Ermelo CEI**, 6th of the 2018 Tartas CEI*

Telja de Bozouls : 3rd of the Uzès CEIYJ** and 3rd of the Tartas CEI* in 2019

Djalaika de Bozouls : 3rd of the 2021 Castelsagrat CEI*, 5th of the 2020 Florac CEI** & winner of the 2019 Degagnazes CEI*

Fado de Bozouls : 27th of the 2020 100 km Sh Mohammed bin Mansoor bin Zayed Al Nahyan Pvt Owners (117 starters)

Djust de Bozouls : 27th of the 100 km Al Wathba Cup for PVT Owners in 2021 (102 starters)

Shamy de Bozouls : 11th of the 100 km CEI* Ras Al Bar

Djawad de Bozouls : 41th of the 2022 80 km Diec Qualifier (495 starters)

Dior de Bozouls : 5th of the 2022 80 km Diec Qualifier (495 starters)