Visibles performances abroad

Visibles performances abroad


Around 30 horses have been sold these last five years, among them Djef des Agatchols, Asap des Agatchols, Raimie de Bozouls and many others... We follow attentively their results.

Below are our solds horses mains results. Click here to see the complete list.

Djef des Agatchols: 4th on the CEI** Numana (Italy) in 2013, 6th on the CEIYJ** BouThib (EAU) in 2014, 5th on the CEI** Muscat (OMA) an 3rd on the CEI** Muscat (OMA) in 2015

Diam de Bozouls : Winner of the Euston Park CEI* & 35th of the 120 km Jumeirah Endurance in 2019

Asap des Agatchols: Winner of the Ispagnac 120 km in 2014, 4th on the CEI** Doha (QAT) in 2015

Mégar de Bozouls: 15th on the EI* Endurance Ride UAE in 2019, ranked on the CEI** Dubaï and 34th on the CEI* Bou Thib in 2016

Zaaroi de Bozouls: 7th on the CEI* Dubaï in 2014

Haidouck de Bozouls: ranked on the CEI* Dubaï in 2014

Espoir de Bozouls: 3rd on the CEI** Samorin (SVK) in 2015

Djinn de Bozouls: 14th on the CEI* Rambouillet and 10th on the CEI** Landivisiau in 2015

Nanou de Bozouls: ranked on the CEI** at Monpazier and 10th on the CEI** Doha (QAT) in 2015

Kephir de Bozouls: 10th on the CEI* Hasparren in 2016

Benazid de Bozouls: 11th on the CEI* Plougonven in 2015

Djerprima de Bozouls: 4th on 120 km Ispagnac in 2014

Prayda de Bozouls: ranked on the CEI* Dubaï in 2014

Praydo de Bozouls: 31th of the CEI** Two Holy Mosques Endurance Cup in 2020, 3rd of the CEI** Federation Third qualifier (Saoudi Arabia) & 6th of the CEI* Endurance Ride in 2019

Adadja de Bozouls : World junior vice champion in 2017, ranked on CEI*** Dubaï in 2018 and on the Abu Dhabi Endurance Cup CEI** in 2019

Udjess de Bozouls : 24 starts (France and abroad); 4 wins; 14 places including 2 seconds in Gr.2 and third in Gr.1. Winner of the Prestige Al Aain Mile Price the 03/02/2018

Natifa de Bozouls : 2nd on the CEI** at Monpazier in 2018, ranked on the CEI*** of the President Cup at Abu Dhabi in 2019

Nedjm de Bozouls :  2nd of the CEIYJ** Euston Park, winner of the CEIYJ** Kings Forest, ranked on the Abu Dhabi Endurance Cup CEI**  &  42th of the Jumeirah Endurance in 2019

Milord de Bozouls : Ranked on the CEI* DIEC Endurance Ride at Dubaï in 2018

Djelbena de Bozouls : Ranked on the 119 km Endurance Trainers Cup UAE, 19th of the 120 km Al Marmoon Endurance Cup & ranked on the Endurance Trainers CEI* in 2019, ranked on the CEI** of the Al Reef Cup in 2018

Sahid de Bozouls : Ranked on the CEI* at Bou Thib in 2017

Nefoud de Bozouls : Ranked 83th of the 120 km Al Maktoum Cup in 2019, Ranked on the CEI* Diec Endurance Ride in 2018

Guartor de Bozouls : Ranked on the CEI* Endurance Ride in 2019, 8th on the CEI* at Tordera and 9th place on the CEI* at Kings forest in 2017

Natifa de Bozouls : ranked on the CEI*** President Cup Abu Dhabi in 2019, 2nd on the CEI** Monpazier in 2018

Nedjm de Bozouls : 2nd on the CEIYJ** Euston Park and winner of the Kings Forest CEIYJ** in 2019, 9th on the CEI*** Euston Park in 2018, ranked on the CEI** Abu Dhabi in 2019

Call me Bozouls : 7th of the 2020 Ermelo CEI*** (European Championship), winner of the Fontainebleau CEI** (2*70) and 5th on the CEI* 7 YO 100 km Fontainebleau in 2019

Chaliuka de Bozouls : 2nd on the CEI** Ermelo in 2019, 6th on the CEI* Tartas in 2018

Telja de Bozouls : 3rd on the CEIYJ** Uzès and 3rd on the CEI* Tartas in 2019