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Elevage de Bozouls

Daglan: 02/24/2021

Great training with a success rate of 100%

Four horses qualified on 40 km:
Désir de Bozouls, 8 YO (Prim de Syrah**** x Shaa***)
Délia de Bozouls, 8 YO (Mahabb x Udoka de B.)
Chacha de Bozouls, 9 YO (Guardor de B.***) x Medureine de B.***)
El Shadaï de Bozouls, 7 YO (Berbere de Piboul x Shaa***)
Congratulations and thanks to the Sorbonne's Team

Two horses qualified on 60 km:
Cookaï de Bozouls, 9 ans (Farid del Saul**** x Guardiola de B.****)
Sakhr de Bozouls, 10 ans (Jormane de Rouaisse**** x Djerprima de B.)
Congratulations and thanks to Barbara Lissarague's team.

En avant Bozouls

Saint Maurice & Sant Feliu: 02/20-21/2021

Qualifications in France and Spain

At Saint Maurice:

Engun de Bozouls (Muguet de Pascade x Bab al Shams by Barour de Cardonne) and En avant Bozouls (Muguet de Pascade x Udoka de Bozouls by Dormane), two young mares of 7 YO, qualified on their second 80 km. Ready to run on CEI*!

At Sant Feliu (Spain):

Glossy de Bozouls, 5 YO (Muguet de Pascade x Medureine de Bozouls by Faouzi) qualified on his first 40 km. A great young gelding, exemplary calmness and with a great heart.

Elevage de Bozouls

Here we go!

The first 2021 endurance race, in Spain at Badajoz.

It's a first qualification on CEI* for our young mare Enjoy de Bozouls, 7 YO (Muguet de Pascade x Guarnica des Agachols). Good resumption for Djibouti de Bozouls, 8 YO (Farid del Saul x Zazie de Bozouls), ranked for the second time on CEI*.

Recover in less than 2min30 on the first Vets, and with a last loop at nearly 17km/h!

Congratulations to the riders Virginia & Javier (Enjoy Endurance Team)!

Elevage de Bozouls

The flat record

2020 in few words:

116 starters
In France, Poland, Spain and Belgum
50 podiums among which 20 victories
28 places
31 horses competiting 

Encouraging results in France and Belgium. More than satisfactory results in Poland; the "Bozouls" who have distinguished themselves since 2018, are claiming the podiums on the Polish racetracks (in Warsaw, Wroclaw and Sopot), allowing the breeding ranking at the second place of the best breeding Arabian Thoroughbreds.

One of them, Gatsby de Bozouls (by Muguet de Pascade) led the 4-year-old list for much of the season in Poland, finishing 2020 at the fourth place! About forty horses are currently in training to prepare the 2021 flat season.

Congratulations and many thanks to our horses as well as to our trainers and jockeys. Many thanks also to the photographers, presents on the racetracks, for their great photos.

We wish you all a happy holiday season and a prosperous new year!

Elevage de Bozouls

The "Bozouls record"

2020 in few words:

271 starters, 225 arrivals,
51 differents races (in France, in Spains, in Portugal and at Ermelo in Netherlands)
83% of success
117 horses competiting!

25 Top Ten
7 podiums among which 3 victories
7 ranked "Elite" at Uzès!

A great record, but well impacted by this sad health crisis! In 2019, the breeding had about a hundred additional departures... A difficult year for everyone, breeders and trainers! With the hope of catching up in 2021!

Congratulation and many thanks to our horses, to all our trainers, all riders and assistants, as well as to all the people who contributed to these results. Big thanks also to the organizers for allowing us to participate in all these races organized as well as possible despite the COVID.

We wish you all a happy holiday season and a prosperous new year!