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Barq de Bozouls Santa Sussana 2021

Santa Sussana: 04-05/12/21

A very difficult race, combining high and technicity!

He won an amazing Top Ten on his first CEI** (first french horse and rider crossing the finishing line)... Ehmingway de Bozouls & Capucine Baldet, won the 8th place of the 2x70 CEI** with a last loop at around 18km/h average speed! An outstanding horse with amazing resources until the last kilometres. Congratulations to both of you! A really good season for Ehmingway, who ranked 6th at Florac on the CEI* last september!

A well-deserved qualification too, on CEI** (2x70km), for Danakyl de Bozouls under the saddle of his rider Léa Vogler (Enjoy Endurance SL). On the same race, Barq de Bozouls (stallion of 10 YO) qualified on his third CEI**, ranking 12th with Irene Serra Blasi (Silvia Yebra Team). Ejaz de Bozouls qualified the day before on his first CEI* with Mathieu Rousseaux (Anaïs Noailles Team).

Vente enchères Elevage de Bozouls

Auction sale: 19/11/21

This sale wasn't the first one... but it will be unforgettable!

Friday 19th of November, a cold winter's but sunny day, is among the best!
Bozouls have met some success: 68 horses sold, 400 guest/buyer & 1500 guest online, from many foreign countries.

From all the Bozouls team, THANK YOU!
Thank you to all buyers, for the interest you have shown to our stud farm. We wish you much happiness and success with the Bozouls horses!

Many thanks to all partners:

  • Balsan Enchères Horses, our auctioneer
  • Station A for their welcome and for the restoration
  • Comm'STL, Delesque Estelle for all communication
  • AD Graff Astrid Delesque for the live video and movies creations
  • Our vets, Clinique équine de Cambajon & AV3S Rodez

To all our providers: Sellerie du Rouergue, Sellerie Equi-bride, Compagnie des Elfes, Etapecuries, TDSC Equipementier, TecRail and to the printers Burlat Impression and Mérico Delta Print.

THANKS and Congratulations to our internal teams:
To Charline Miquel for his hard working, to all breeding and endurance team and to our trainers! To all Mezagri's, Mezamonde's, SOBAC's, and Cantelauze 's team, for their generous participation!
Very good end of year, and great adventure with Bozouls horses!

Dollar de Bozouls

Uzès, Raid de Ademuz & Plougonven: 13-14/11/21

CEI*, CEI** & CEI***
Podium, Top Ten & qualification

Raid de Ademus:

One year after his win on the Badajoz 160km, Djerdor de Bozouls (Guardor de Bozouls*** x Djerba de Bozouls****), won a great third place of the Ademuz CEI*** with Silvia Yebra! Great recovery heart with a last loop at 23 mph!

Enjoy de Bozouls, 7 YO (Muguet de Pascade*** x Guarnica des Agatchols***) qualified on her second CEI* with Léa Vogler. Great recovery heart! Ready to run on CEI**.


An amazing 7th place of the Uzès CEI** (over 66 starters) for Qaïs de Bozouls, 10 YO (Prim de Syrah**** x Aljaïma de Bozouls****), who won a TOP TEN and capped a memorable 2021 season in style!

They qualified on CEI**:

Dollar de Bozouls, 8 YO (Tornado de la Forêt*** by Tidjani) with Jaume Rabasedas

Chamakh de Bozouls (Guardor de Bozouls***) & Dakan de Bozouls (Mahabb), with the Sandrine Lance Team 

Djerfor de Bozouls, 11 YO (Farid del Saul**** x Djerba de Bozouls****) with Mathieu Rousseaux

Assad de Bozouls, 10 YO (Tornado de la Forêt by Tidjani) with Karine Fusion Equestre Team.


Essaouira de Bozouls, 7 YO (Berbere de Piboul by Dormane), qualified on her first CEI** with Helene Salaun.

Honney de Bozouls

Warsaw (Poland): 13-14/11/21

1 win, 1 podium & 1 place

Honney de Bozouls, 4 YO, young gelding by Muguet de Pascade (Tidjani) & Cherie des Agachiols (Akbar), for the second time winner in Poland in 2021! 

The same day...
Iroka de Bozouls (Mahabb x Guardoka de Bozouls by Dormane) ranked 2nd on her first race on the polish racetracks. Hosco de Bozouls (Muguet de Pascade x Jokmée de Bozouls by Jormane de Rouaisse), within a few metres, missed a podium and finished 4th.

Congratulations to our trainer Conny Fraisl and to the jockey D. Sabatbekov.

El Shaadaï de Bozouls

Vaylats: 07/11/21

CEI* 100km

Elzlatan de Bozouls, 7 YO, ranked 15th with Caline Payen. Last loop at 21 mph! Qualified on his second CEI*, ready for CEI**.

El Shaadaï de Bozouls, 7 YO, ranked 28th with Enora Boulenger. Top recovery time! Qualified on his second CEI*, ready for CEI**.

Nashid de Bozouls

Montcuq: 30-31/10/21

Montcuq, two days racing... 180 km of hapiness!

Now it's time for our stallion Farid del Saul to shine... with 3 products ranked on ***!

Charly de Bozouls (Farid del Saul**** x Falie de Bozouls**) won the 3rd place under the saddle of Julia Montagne, with a last loop at 23 km/h average speed! For the second time ranked on *** in 2021! 

Nashid de Bozouls (Farid del Saul**** x Shaadie de Bozouls***) ranked successfully 13th with his rider Capucine Baldet, a great result for his first ***! 

His full sister Farshaa de Bozouls, finished 17th with Anaïs Noailles. A really nice season for this mare who qualified on two CEI** and her qualification on ***. Great job !

Just in front of her on the 16th place, Calypso de Bozouls (Jormane de Rouaisse**** x Befara de Bozouls***) qualified successfully on her first *** with Emma Besset!

Elevage de bozouls Fontainebleau 2021

Fontainebleau: 15-16/10/2021

10/12 qualified: podium, Top 5 & Top 10 on *, ** & ***

160 km *** (28 starters)
- Call me Bozouls (Dahess x Udjelreine de Bozouls) 7th with Melissa Bisoffi, for the third time ranked on ***!
- Sakhr de Bozouls (Jormane de Rouaisse**** x Djerprima de Bozouls) 16th on his first ***! Congratulations to his rider Barbara Lissarrague.

140 km *** (17 starters)
- Standing ovation for King de Bozouls (Med des Agatchols** x Natia de Bozouls****), who picks up the third with Pauline Munoz! An extraordinary horse, competitive, calm and sporty. With a delightful temperament and an excellent metabolism.
- J'adore de Bozouls (Guardor de Bozouls*** x Jade****) 5th with Julia Montagne, for the fifth time ranked on ***.

120 km ** (51 starters)
- Dusty de Bozouls (Muguet de Pascade x Assida de Bozouls***) 6th under the saddle of Rachel Almeras with a last loop at 26km/h average speed! An impeccable track record from the beginning.
- Créole de Bozouls (Tornado de la Forêt*** x Aljafie de Bozouls**) 19th with Anaïs Noailles.
- Diaffa de Bozouls (Prim de Syrah**** x Guarnica des Agatchols) ranked 29th on her first ** with Virginie Caillaud.

120 km ** 7YO (17 starters)
- Eïwa de Bozouls (Muguet de Pascade*** x Jaya de Bozouls***) 5th under the saddle of Julia Montagne with a last loop at 23 km/h average speed and an excellent metabolism.

100 km * (48 starters)
- Diva de Bozouls & Engun de Bozouls, 10th & 11th with the riders Capucine Baldet and Caline Payen.

Helium de Bozouls

Helium de Bozouls (Med des Agatchols** x Niareine de Bozouls)

Stallion of 4 YO, recommended by the French Arabian Association!

Prepared and trained by France Paul & Paul Bard, Hélium de Bozouls ranked "Excellent" at the 4 YO Uzes finale and elected best heart of the event (3'27 of recover additional time)

Selected on the eve of the race by the french judges (seduced by his excellent locomotion and his unusual origins), Hélium won his place on the arabian french stallion book!

Congratulations and thanks to France Paul & Paul Bard.

Elevage de Bozouls

Uzès: 08-09-10/10/2021

The Uzes young horses finale

35 starts -> 70% of success!
5 horses ranked "Elite" (in wich two TOP 10) & 10 horses ranked "Excellent"

"ELITE" Icare de Piboul & France Paul
"ELITE" Gabie de Bozouls & Camille Romuald
"ELITE" Good Idea de Bozouls & Lucie Laviguerie
"ELITE" Gamin de Bozouls & Capucine Baldet
"ELITE" Glamour de Bozouls & Linda Vaute

"EXCELLENT" Farwest de Bozouls & Julia Montagne
"EXCELLENT" Faya de Bozouls & Léa Vogler
"EXCELLENT" Forget de Bozouls & Linda Vaute
"EXCELLENT" Galica de Bozouls & Maude Radelet
"EXCELLENT" Galop de Bozouls & Virginie Caillaud
"EXCELLENT" Gerald de Bozouls & Christophe Nogueira
"EXCELLENT" Gladiator de Bozouls & Nathanaelle Melhano
"EXCELLENT" Gualhia de Bozouls & Camille François
"EXCELLENT" Guapa de Bozouls & Léa Vogler
"EXCELLENT" Helium de Bozouls & Paul Bard

"TRES BON" Fany de Bozouls & Virginie Caillaud
"TRES BON" Frimeuse de Bozouls & Sarah
"TRES BON" Gadji de Bozouls & Christophe Alac
"TRES BON" Gratio de Bozouls & Gabrielle Bard
"TRES BON" Greta de Bozouls & Eléonore Labro

"BON" Bejar de Piboul & Dominique Evrard
"BON" Fairydream de Bozouls & Marlene Cologni
"BON" Faysalanne de Bozouls & Anaïs Noailles
"BON" Granita de Bozouls & Lilian Mollé

Congratulations and many thanks to all riders, trainers & assistants!

Harez de Bozouls

Vic (Spain) & Degagnazes (France): 02/10/2021

Top Ten and qualifications... under the rain!

At Vic in Spain, Djerdor de Bozouls ranked on the CEI* 100km. A great training race for the next 160 km race! Congratulations to his rider Dani Martinez & our trainer Silvia Yebra.

At Degagnazes in France, Dare dare de Bozouls ranked 7th of the 100 km CEI* with Mathieu Rousseaux, trained by Anaïs Noailles. Very good conditions throughout the race, promising results for the rest of the season! The same day, our mare En avant Bozouls & our stallion Zalgo Jais qualified on their 40 km of training with our MMB TEAM. Harez de Bozouls qualified on his 80km of training under the saddle of Marlene Cologni (Barbara Lissarrague Team).

Many thanks and congratulations to all of you!

Elevage de Bozouls Sardaigne

Sardinia: 18/09/2021

Two great TOP TEN at the 2021 8 YO world championship

Really nice performance this year, at the 8 YO world championship, with the 8th place for Dawa de Bozouls (Muguet de Pascade x Udoka de Bozouls) under the saddle of his trainer Vincent Gaudriot, and the 7th place for Délia de Bozouls (Mahabb x Zélie de Bozouls) ridden by Grégoire Tilquin! A faultless crossing since the beginning for these two young mares of 8 YO.

Hosco de Bozouls

Montauban & Warsaw: 18-19/09/2021

1 win, 1 podium & 3 places

One more win for Hosco de Bozouls, sunday 19 of september at Warsawe. Totalling 6 races in Poland; 3 wins, 1 podium & 1 place. On the same race, Galito de Bozouls ranked 4th and Guarf de Bozouls ranked 5th.

The same day, in France at Montauban, Isidora de Bozouls ranked 5th of the 7e Saphis price, over 2250m.

The saturday at Warsaw, Gatsby de Bozouls won the 3rd place of the Wielkiego Szlem price, over 3000m! A great performance despite the chaotic weather conditions.

Congratulations and thanks to the jockeys and our trainers Mme JF Elisabeth Bernard & Conny Fraisl.

Florac 160 km 2021 Assija de Bozouls

Florac: 16-18/09/2021

A weekend full of emotion!

You have earned it!!! Assija de Bozouls & Caline Payen, you have earned your qualification at Florac! A great 9th place of the mythic Florac 160 km! Congratulations to both of you and to all MMB'TEAM members!

Congratulations too, to Easy de Bozouls (drived by Eleonore Labro & Melissa Bisoffi Team) mare of 7 YO, qualified for the first time on 120 km !!!

Ehmingway de Bozouls, 7 YO, ranked 6th of the Florac 100km CEI* (46 starters) with Capucine Baldet! Top recovery with 19km/h of average speed on the last loop! Congratulations!

Not chance for some "bozouls"... But that will happen another time. Never give up!

Hoggar de Bozouls

Monpazier & Badajoz 

Top 5 on ** and qualification on * & ***

An impeccable track record for Hoggar de Bozouls (10 YO) still her on the finish line, and add to his prize list a second qualification on 160 km. Congratulations to his rider Barbara Lissarrague!
Sakhr de Bozouls (10 YO) qualified on his 4th CEI**, under the saddle of the same rider Barbara Lissarrague.
Great race for Erza de Bozouls (7 YO) who ranked 23th (76 starters) on the 100km with Emma Besset (Cecile Demierre Team).
On the same race, Calem de Bozouls (9 YO) won the 14th place with his rider Sandrine Lance.
Caïra de Bozouls (9 YO) took her second qualification on * with Laurette Refis (Stéphanie Arnal Team).
To top it off, Denver de Bozouls (8 YO) & Farshaa de Bozouls (11 YO) ranked 4th and 5th of the 2*70 km!

At Badajoz (Spain)
Faya de Bozouls & Farkane de Bozouls (6 YO) qualified on 80 km. Ready for the Uzès young horses final!
Congratulations to Enjoy Endurance Team.

Halwicha de Bozouls

"BOZOULS" horses on the polish and french racetracks: 08/22/2021

1 victory & 4 podiums

At Royan (France):
Again and again! Another podium for Halwicha de Bozouls (Mahabb x Jidwicha de Bozouls par Darweesh ), who won the 3rd place of the Prix Alban Jamme! 9 races in France since 2020; 5 podiums & 3 places.

At Warsaw (Poland):
Victory of Honney de Bozouls (Muguet de Pascade x Cherie des Agatchols by Akbar)!
On the same race... The 3rd place for Horas de Bozouls (Muguet de Pascade x Dorasa de la Forêt by Dormane).
The 2nd place of the Memorial Bogdana Ziemianskiegopour won by Gatsby de Bozouls (Muguet de Pascade x Bab al sham by Barour de Cardonne). 18 races since 2019: 5 victories and 8 podiums in Pologne.
The 3rd place of the Al Khalediah Poland Cup won by Frehel de Bozouls (Divamer x Djellade de Bozouls by Dormane)
10 races in Poland since 2020: 5 victories & 4 podiums.

Helium de Bozouls

August 2021: Cleyrac, Vensat, Sant Hernin and Wimmenau

Qualifications SHF and FEI.

At Cleyrac:
Désir de Bozouls, 8 YO, 11th of the 100 km CEI* with Linda Vaute (Sorbonne Team) Ready to CEI**!
Farwest de Bozouls, 6 YO, qualified on 80 km with Julia Montagne (Endurance Vilaltella Team)
Fairydream de Bozouls, for the second time qualified on 60 km with Marlène Cologni (Barbara Lissaragues Team)
Full de Bozouls, for the second time qualified on 60 km with Vincent Gaudriot. 

At Vensat & Sant Hernin:
Forget de Bozouls, qualified on 60 km with Enora Boulanger (Sorbonne Team)
Bejar de Piboul, qualified on 60 km with Pauline Bourneuf (Alan Leon Team)

At Vaylats & Wimmenau:
Frimeuse de Bozouls, qualified on 60 km with Sarah Royer (Ecuries de Bannes)
Greta de Bozouls, qualified on 20 km with Eleonore Labro (Melissa Bissofi Team)
Helium de Bozouls, qualified on 20 km with France Paul.

Et hop de Bozouls

Angles/Saint Jean de Maruejols: 07-08/08/201

Training and SHF qualifications

Et hop de Bozouls, qualified on 90 km training with Sandrine Lance
Ejaz de Bozouls, qualified on 40 km training with Anaïs Noailles
Get up de Bozouls, qualified on 40 km SHF with Pauline Munoz (MMB Team)
Guarni de Bozouls, qualified on 40 km SHF with Karine Fusion Equestre
Ganador de Bozouls, qualified on 40 km SHF with Mathieu Braun
Gerald de Bozouls, qualified on 20 km SHF awith the Cambou stabble.

Elevage de Bozouls Jullianges 2021

Jullianges, Corlay & Prechac sur Adour (2021)

Victory, TOP TEN & qualifications: 94% of success rate!

Assija de Bozouls, 11 YO, winner of the Jullianges 100km CEI* under the saddle of Caline Payen (MMB Team)! An incredible race, with a great recovery times less than 3 min and a last loop at 22km/h‍ average speed. A lovely victory well deserved for this pair working, after 3 years of training and hardworking!

The saturday, on the same distance, Salim de Bozouls won a TOP TEN ranking on the 7th place with Rachel Almeras. Great recovery times and a last loop at 23km/h‍ average speed!

The friday, always on 100km, Essaouira de Bozouls (7 YO), also won a Top Ten ranking 9th with Mélina Aquilue (Allan Leon Team). Great recovery times and a last loop at 23km/h‍ average speed! Ready for **.

Zardor de Bozouls, 14 YO & IRE 121, ranked for the 5th time on **! The 21th place won with his rider Capucine Baldet (MMB TEAM)

At Corlay, the sunday.. Cookaï de Bozouls, 9 YO, qualified for the third time on ** with Barbara Lissarrague.

To finish with, 5 horses qualified successfully on SHF & training races at Jullianges:
On 80 km : Favori de Bozouls (Melissa Bisoffi) & First Love de Bozouls (Mathieu Braun)
On 60 km : Fabuleuse de Bozouls (Caline Payen) & Gamin de Bozouls (Capucine Baldet)
On 40 km : Gabie de Bozouls (Mathieu Braun Team)

And 6 other at Prechac sur Adour:
On 60 km Faya de Bozouls & Farkanne de Bozouls (Enjoy Endurance SL)
On 40 km Guapa de Bozouls (Enjoy Endurance SL) Gualhia de Bozouls & Gladiator de Bozouls (Vincent Gaudriot)
On 60 km prépa. Fannia de Bozouls (Sandrine Lance).

Djerk de Bozouls

Castillones: 07/24/2021

Podiums, Top Ten & qualification

Djerk de Bozouls, 8 YO (Muguet de Pascade x Djerfée de Bozouls*), 2nd of the CEI** ridden by Silvia Yebra. With a last loop at around 20km/h! A great result for his first qualification on CEI**!

The 5th place for Fares de Bozouls, 10 YO (Farid del Saul**** x Aïma de Bozouls***) ridden by Guillaume Dolci (Anaïs Noailles Team). Fares is thus, for the third time, qualified on CEI**.

Nashid de Bozouls, ranked 2nd of the CEI** (2x70km) with Capucine Baldet (MMB Team), and thus ranked for the fouth time on CEI**.

Enigma de Bozouls, 7 YO (Muguet de Pascade x Aïchade de Bozouls), qualified on 80 km with Sandrine Foiry

In the mean time in Spain.. Eau de Bozouls, stallion of 6YO (Séraphin du Paon x Djellade de Bozouls), qualified on 60 km with the Endurance Vilaltella Team.

Elevage de Bozouls

"Motion and style" competition : 21/07/2021

"Bozouls" qualified for the French Championship at Vichy in august 

With two victories at the 'Motion and style" competition at St Affrique, the Bozouls horses have been selected to participate at the French Championship at Vichy in august!

Our two lovely fillies qualified are:
Illine de Bozouls, 3 YO (Muguet de Pascade x Beline de Bozouls by Farid del Saul)
Jane de Bozouls, 2 YO (Zalgo Jaïs x Kenjya de Bozouls by Aid des Agatchols)

Congratulations and many thanks to our breeding team, who selected, cared and brought our fillies until the selection! 

Elevage de Bozouls

Negrepelisse: 07/17-18/2021

Results and qualifications well-deserved!

One TOP TEN for Hoggar de Bozouls, 10 YO, who won the 9th place of the CEI** with Barbara Lissarrague
An impressive track record for Hoggar, endorsing qualifications on *, ** & *** since 2018!

Dounia de Bozouls 8 YO (Charline Miquel, MMB Team) & Chamakh de Bozouls 10 YO (Sandrine Foiry) ran together over 120 km and ranked 10th & 11th! A great performance for a first **.

Easy de Bozouls, 7 YO (Eléonore Labro, Melissa Bisoffi Team) & Dakan de Bozouls 8 YO (Sandrine Lance) qualified on their second CEI*. Ready to **!

Erza de Bozouls, 7 YO, qualified on their first CEI* with Vicky Capelier (Cecile Demierre Team)
Harez de Bozouls, 10 YO, did a good training on the CEI* with Marion Laubie (Barbara Lissarrague Team)

Elevage de Bozouls Al Khalediah Racing Sopot

Sopot (Poland): 07/11 & 17/2021

One victory and two podiums at the Al Khalediah Racing Festival

A new great victory in Poland won by Hosco de Bozouls (Muguet de Pascade x Jokmée de Bozouls by Jormane de Rouaisse) at the Al Khalediah Racing festival at Sopot! 3 races in 2021; 3 podiums in wich two victories.

Galito de Bozouls (Muguet de Pascade x Déhesse de Bozouls by Dahess) & Ivory de Bozouls (Muguet de Pascade x Guarfie de Bozouls by Dormane) both won a second place.

Elevage de Bozouls Barre des Cévennes

Barre des Cévennes & La Croix Blanche: 07/9-10-11/2021

12/14 qualified, two TOP TEN on the CEI*

The 8th and the 9th places of the Barres des Cévennes CEI* 100 km, won by East wind de Bozouls & Diaffa de Bozouls! Ridden by Virginie Caillaud & Pauline Munoz (MMB Team)

40 km SHF:
Frimeuse, Granita & Gadji (Ecurie de Bannès)
Good idea (Charline Miquel, MMB Team)
Faya (Léa Vogler, Enjoy Endurance)
Galica, Glamour & Forget (Enora Boulenger & Grégoire Tilquin)
Myskash (Cecile Demierre)

60 km SHF:
Fujiyama (Capucine Baldet, MMB Team) & Fairydream (Barbara Lissarrague)

Calem (Sandrine Foiry)

80 km SHF:
Faïnous (Virginie Caillaud, MMB Team)

Elevage de Bozouls

Fougères, Cuxac Cabardes & Chalinargues: 06/26-27/2021

25/29 qualified

El Shadaï de Bozouls, 7 YO, 10th of the Fougères CEI* with Enora Boulenger.

22/24 qualified at Cuxac Cabardes
20 km SHF: Gualhia & Gladiator (Vincent Gaudriot Team), Galatée (Anaïs Noailles Team) and Guarni (Karine Fusion Equestre Team)
40 km SHF: Gacella & Get up (MMB Team), Galica & Fidharous (Sorbonne Team), Feu follet (Anaïs Noailles Team), Fullmoon (Sandrine Foiry Team), Fikats (Endurance Vilaltella Team), Fabuleuse & Frenchkiss (MMB Team)
60 km SHF: Fany (MMB Team) & Farwest (Endurance Vilaltella Team)
40 km training: Dounia & Engun (MMB Team)
60 km training: Assad (Karine Fusion Equestre Team), Nashid (MMB Team), Djerfor & Fares (Anaïs Noailles Team)
90 km training: Et hop (Sandrine Foiry Team)

2/2 qualified at Chalinargues
20 km SHF: Mysskash (Cecile Demierre Team) & Halva (Mathieu Braun Team)

Hudjel de Bozouls

The last podiums on flat races: 20th & 23th of June

Muguet de Pascade's products success abroad!

At Mons-Ghlin in Belgium:
Helfik de Bozouls (Muguet de Pascade x Zélie de Bozouls), 3rd of the Emirates Breeders Program 3 price!
=> 4 races in France and in Belgium in 2021; 2 podiums & 1 place! Thanks and congratulations to our trainer Elisabeth Jean Francois Bernard.

At Wroclaw in Poland:
Hudjel de Bozouls (Muguet de Pascade x Udjelreine de Bozouls), winner on his second flat race! A great victory with few lengths ahead...

Two third places won by:
Ivory de Bozouls (Muguet de Pascade x Guarfie de Bozouls) & Honney de Bozouls (Muguet de Pascade x Cherie des Agatchols). Thanks and congratulations to our trainer Conny Fraisl.

Azem de Bozouls

Sant boi de Lluçanes & Saint Felix de Reilhac: 06/19/21

At Sant boi de Lluçanes in spain, Azem de Bozouls (Nafa de Bozouls IRE 146 x Med des Agatchols (DRE*/IRE123) successfully qualified on CEI* with Silvia Yebra.
Glamour de Bozouls & Galica de Bozouls, two young 5 YO horses, qualified on 20 km with the Sorbonne stables at Saint Felix de Reilhac in France.

Elevage de Bozouls

La Vacquerie: 06/16/21

20 & 40 km SHF: 9/9 qualified

20 km:
Gacella de Bozouls, Galice de Bozouls and Fany de Bozouls (MMB Team)
Granita de Bozouls and Gadji de Bozouls (Bannes stables)

40 km:
Falbala de Bozouls (Cambou stables)
Frimeuse de Bozouls (Bannes stables)
Gamin de Bozouls, Faïnous de Bozouls and our young stallion Falcon de Bozouls (MMB Team)

Frehel de Bozouls

Victories & podiums on flat races: 05/29 - 06/12

Bordeaux, Waregem & Warsaw racetracks

The 2nd place of the Claude Dumeau Price (Bordeaux), won by our young thoroughbred Icemoon de Bozouls (Jeu st Eloi x Dancemoon), ridden by Alejandro Guttierez & trained by Philippe Sogorb!
5 races in 2021; 3 podiums in wich one victory and 2 places.

Another podium earned by Helfik de Bozouls (Muguet de Pascade x Zélie de Bozouls), winning the 2nd place of the Wathba Stallions Cup 2 at Waregem in Belgium, under the saddle of Lisa Dieteren & trained by Elizabeth Bernard
6 races since his beginning; 2 podiums & 2 places!

Two others victories in Poland at Warsaw:
=> Frehel de Bozouls (Divamer x Djellade de Bozouls), winner under the saddle of D. Sabatbekov
3 races in 2021 in Poland; 3 victories
=> Galito de Bozouls (Muguet de Pascade x Dehesse de Bozouls), winner under the saddle of D. Sabatbekov
11 races since his beginning; 6 podiums in wich 4 victories
Congratulations to our trainer Conny Fraisl !

King de Bozouls

Compiègne: 06/13-12/2021

Great qualifications on CEI**, CEIYJ**, CEI*** 140 and CEI*** 160

CEI*** 160
King de Bozouls, 12th with Pauline Munoz, 18km/h average speed & heart recovery less than 3min!
Great result for a first 160 km.
Follow-up, Qaïs de Bozouls, 13th with Caline Payen! With same average speed & heart recovery.
For the second time ranked over 160km.

CEI*** 140
Carioca de Bozouls, 11th on her first *** with Melissa Bisoffi, with a last loop at 20km/h!

Délia de Bozouls & Dawa de Bozouls, 17th & 18th with Enora Boulenger and Vincent Gaudriot.
Qualified on their second ** and ready for 160!

Chams de Bozouls, 10th with Emma Frances, with a last loop at 21 km/h!
The 8th time ranked on **!

Eïwa de Bozouls

Castelsagrat: 06/05/2021

Podiums and Top Ten

Eïwa de Bozouls, ranked 7th at the 100km 7YO finish line, but 3rd of the 7YO ranking under the saddle of Julia Montagne (Endurance Vilaltella Team)

On the CEI**:
Calypso de Bozouls, 11th with Emma Besset (Cécile Demierre Team)
Denver de Bozouls, 28th with Vincent Gaudriot
Djawad de Bozouls, 19th under the saddle of his new owner

On the CEIYJ**:
Sakhr de Bozouls, 10th with Victoria Hanquart (Lissaragues Team)

On the CEI*:
The 3rd place won by Djalaïka de Bozouls (Delphine Johnson property) excellent trend from the beginning!
Chamakh de Bozouls, 13th with Sandrine Lance
Dare-dare de Bozouls, 28th with Mathieu Rousseaux (Anaïs & Nicolas Team)
Essaouira de Bozouls, 31th with Allan Leon
Désir de Bozouls, 46th with Linda Vaute (Sorbonne Team).

Elevage de Bozouls

Warsaw & Wroclaw (Poland): 05/2021

Victories and podiums!

Outstanding victory of Hosco de Bozouls despite a wet soil and weather!
Lovely race of Hedjour de Bozouls & Hudjel de Bozouls, who are taking over the first two podium steps!
Four others podiums for Galito de Bozouls, Hudoa de Bozouls, and our young Irdia de Bozouls & Ivory de Bozouls.
Great resumption races by Hardoka de Bozouls & Guarf de Bozouls.

Easy de Bozouls

Vaissac & Sant Feliu: 15/05/2021

Qualifications, training & TOP TEN 

Two Top Ten on the Vaissac 100km CEI* 100km:
Dakan de Bozouls, 8 YO, ranked 7th with Sandrine Lance
Easy de Bozouls, 7 YO, ranked 10th with Eleonore Labro (Melissa Bissofi Team)
Great results for their first CEI*!

Still at Vaissac...
90 km training: Erza de Bozouls & Emma Besset (Cécile Demierre Team)
60 km SHF: Favori de Bozouls & Melissa Bissofi

At Sant Feliu Sasserra (Spain)
60 km training: Azem de Bozouls & Djerk de Bozouls (Silvia Yebra Team)
40 km training: Eau de Bozouls & Eulalia Ordeix (Endurance Vilaltella Team)

Elevage de Bozouls

Durance, Chadieu & Saumur: 7-8-9/05/2021

Once again a great weekend with 13/14 qualified!

Durance CEI* 100:
The 3rd place won by Déclic de Bozouls & Silvia Yebra
Qaïs de Bozouls & Djewel de Bozouls, 24th & 25th ridden by Caline Payen & Rachel Almeras (MMB Team)
Durance CEI** 120:
Délia de Bozouls & Dawa de Bozouls, 9th & 10th ridden by Grégoire Tilquin & Vincent Gaudriot
Durance CEIYJ** 120:
Chams de Bozouls, 8th ridden by Emma Frances
Durance CEI*** 140:
The 6th place won by Tornade de Bozouls & Caline Payen (MMB Team), an amazing TOP 10 for her first ***!

Chamakh de Bozouls, Carioca de Bozouls & Essaouira de Bozouls, validated their 90 km of training.
Halva de Bozouls (4 YO) & Guapa de Bozouls (5 YO) qualified on 20 km.
Farkane de Bozouls validated his 40 km of training.

Cumba de Bozouls

La Magdelaine & Raid del Corzo Badajoz: 01-02/05/2021

15/16 qualified!

20 km SHF: Haafa de Bozouls
40 km SHF: Gratio de Bozouls, Greta de Bozouls & Galop de Bozouls

20 km training: Cherazade de Bozouls**
40 km training: Djawzia de Bozouls IRE 136, Erza de Bozouls, Calem de Bozouls**, Enjoy de Bozouls*, Cumba de Bozouls** & Danakyl de Bozouls*

60 km training: Chana de Bozouls** & Enigma de Bozouls
90 km training: Eisha de Bozouls & Désir de Bozouls

Guajok de Bozouls

Warsaw: 01-02/05/2021

Great resumption for our race horses in Poland!

4 starts: 2 wins & 1 podium!

Guajok de Bozouls his first race of resumption at Warsaw under the saddle of Popov.
His full brother Hosco de Bozouls, won a great 2nd place the day after on the same racetrack, under the saddle of the same jockey.
Frehel de Bozouls did same result, winning his first race of resumption with a few lengths ahead, under the saddle of Sabatbekov.

Congratulations to our trainer Conny Fraisl and also to the jockeys!

Cordoba de bozouls

Vaylats (Fr.), Ponicat (Es.) & Arezzo (It.): 04/24/2021

10/12 qualified

- 20 km training:
Désir de Bozouls
- 40 km training:
The must de Bozouls, Fares de Bozouls & Djerfor de Bozouls
- 60 km training:
Chamakh de Bozouls & Calypso de Bozouls
- 90 km training:
El Shadaï de Bozouls

Two young mares of 4 YO, Hassima de Bozouls & Hakira de Bozouls, qualified on their first 20 km.

Great resumption by Déclic de Bozouls, who validated his 80 km like training at Ponicat (Spain).

CEI** Ladies Arrezo (Italy):
Bad luck for Cordoba de Bozouls, eliminated at the finish record while she was 2nd with Julia Montagne... Cordoba is a really strong and resilient mare, very promising!

Elevage de Bozouls

Tarbes, Bordeaux & Royan: 04/17-18/2021

Thoroughbred and arabians races.. 2 podiums & one place!

Congratulations to both of our young english thoroughbred fillies, Icemoon de Bozouls (Dancemoon de Bozouls) & Ialla de Bozouls (All win de Bozouls), fillies by the great stallion Jeu St Eloi, took over two podiums on the Bordeaux and Royan racetracks, the 17th & 18th of April: The 3rd place of the Prix de Pachan, over 1990m (Bordeaux) won by Icemoon de Bozouls. The 3rd place of the Prix Clotout, over 2300m (Royan) won by Ialla de Bozouls.

To finish with, Helfique de Bozouls (Muguet de Pascade x Zélie de Bozouls) ranked 5th of the Prix Val d'Adour at Tarbes. 4 races since October 2020, 1 podium and 2 places.

Congratulations and many thanks to our trainers Philippe Sogorb & Mme JF Bernard Elisabeth.

Elevage de Bozouls

Loubejac, Carmona & Raid das Lezirias: 04/17-18/2021

16/19 qualified & 6 TOP TEN

Carmona CEI*** (31 starters):
Charly de Bozouls, 7th on his first ***, with Robert Diez Noguera (Endurance Vilaltella Team)

Raid das Lezirias CEI** (11 starters):
Djibouti de Bozouls, 5th on his first ** with Javier Gragera (Léa Vogler Enjoy Endurance Team)

Loubejac CEI* saturday (50 starters):
Sakhr de Bozouls, 7th with Barbara Lissaragues
Dibaba de Bozouls & Dounia de Bozouls ranked 19th and 20th with Caline & Charline MMB Team. Eldorado de Bozouls ranked 23rd on his first *.

Loubejac CEI* sunday (56 starters):
Benaïda de Bozouls, 6th with Virginie Caillaud & Ehmingway de Bozouls, 24th and qualified on his first * with Capucine Baldet, MMB Team

Loubejac CEI** saterday (47 starters):
King de Bozouls 7th with Pauline Munoz & Dusty de Bozouls 8th on his first ** with Rachel Almeras MMB Team
Sharia de Bozouls, 13rd with Emilie Escale (Cambou Team)
Farshaa de Bozouls, 27th with Nicolas Ballarin (Anaïs Team)
Denver de Bozouls, 28th on his first ** with Vincent Gaudriot

Easy de Bozouls & Cookaï de Bozouls qualified on 90 km
Dakan de Bozouls qualified on 60 km

Elevage de Bozouls

Gréoux, Vaylats & Plougonven: 04/12-13-14/2021

20/20 qualified with a great podium!

At Gréoux les bains on CEI*100km: The 3rd place won by Fuego de Bozouls, 13 YO (Prim de Syrah**** x Aljaïma de Bozouls****) with Virginie Caillaud. On the same race, not far behind: Eïwa de Bozouls, Elektra de Bozouls, East wind de Bozouls, Elzlatan de Bozouls & Diva de Bozouls, qualified on their first CEI*.

Still at Gréoux les bains, Hatieu de Bozouls & Caira de Bozouls, Hawa de Bozouls, Galice de Bozouls, Galop de Bozouls & Gratio de Bozouls qualified on 20 km. 

At Vaylats, Hatchi de Bozouls, Humus de Bozouls, Haria de Bozouls & Greta de Bozouls qualified on 20 km. Favori de Bozouls qualified on 40km.

At Plougonven, Haiane de Bozouls & Half de Bozouls qualified on 20 km.

Elevage de Bozouls

Emirates Breeders Program I: 04/01/2021

One podium & one place at the Ghlin racetrack (Belgium)

A great 3rd place won by Halwicha de Bozouls, 4 YO (Mahabb x Jidwicha de Bozouls by Udjidor de Bozouls), riden by  Fabian Lefevbre and trained by Mme Bernard.
The 5th place for Horus de Bozouls, 4 YO (Muguet de Pascade x Mesk de Bozouls by Dahess) under the saddle of Stephane Breux and trained by Yoeri Mathijs.

Elevage de Bozouls Devoucoux

New partnership: 2021 & 2022

The Bozouls Team signed for two years with the Devoucoux saddlery & tack room.

Three endurance saddles come to join our saddlery: one Chiberta Lab and two Korrika Lab!

Many thanks to our technical advisor Loré Persais (Devoucoux Endurance).

Elevage de Bozouls

Daglan: 02/24/2021

Great training with a success rate of 100%

Four horses qualified on 40 km:
Désir de Bozouls, 8 YO (Prim de Syrah**** x Shaa***)
Délia de Bozouls, 8 YO (Mahabb x Udoka de B.)
Chacha de Bozouls, 9 YO (Guardor de B.***) x Medureine de B.***)
El Shadaï de Bozouls, 7 YO (Berbere de Piboul x Shaa***)
Congratulations and thanks to the Sorbonne's Team

Two horses qualified on 60 km:
Cookaï de Bozouls, 9 ans (Farid del Saul**** x Guardiola de B.****)
Sakhr de Bozouls, 10 ans (Jormane de Rouaisse**** x Djerprima de B.)
Congratulations and thanks to Barbara Lissarague's team.

En avant Bozouls

Saint Maurice & Sant Feliu: 02/20-21/2021

Qualifications in France and Spain

At Saint Maurice:

Engun de Bozouls (Muguet de Pascade x Bab al Shams by Barour de Cardonne) and En avant Bozouls (Muguet de Pascade x Udoka de Bozouls by Dormane), two young mares of 7 YO, qualified on their second 80 km. Ready to run on CEI*!

At Sant Feliu (Spain):

Glossy de Bozouls, 5 YO (Muguet de Pascade x Medureine de Bozouls by Faouzi) qualified on his first 40 km. A great young gelding, exemplary calmness and with a great heart.

Elevage de Bozouls

Here we go!

The first 2021 endurance race, in Spain at Badajoz.

It's a first qualification on CEI* for our young mare Enjoy de Bozouls, 7 YO (Muguet de Pascade x Guarnica des Agachols). Good resumption for Djibouti de Bozouls, 8 YO (Farid del Saul x Zazie de Bozouls), ranked for the second time on CEI*.

Recover in less than 2min30 on the first Vets, and with a last loop at nearly 17km/h!

Congratulations to the riders Virginia & Javier (Enjoy Endurance Team)!

Elevage de Bozouls

The flat record

2020 in few words:

116 starters
In France, Poland, Spain and Belgum
50 podiums among which 20 victories
28 places
31 horses competiting 

Encouraging results in France and Belgium. More than satisfactory results in Poland; the "Bozouls" who have distinguished themselves since 2018, are claiming the podiums on the Polish racetracks (in Warsaw, Wroclaw and Sopot), allowing the breeding ranking at the second place of the best breeding Arabian Thoroughbreds.

One of them, Gatsby de Bozouls (by Muguet de Pascade) led the 4-year-old list for much of the season in Poland, finishing 2020 at the fourth place! About forty horses are currently in training to prepare the 2021 flat season.

Congratulations and many thanks to our horses as well as to our trainers and jockeys. Many thanks also to the photographers, presents on the racetracks, for their great photos.

We wish you all a happy holiday season and a prosperous new year!

Elevage de Bozouls

The "Bozouls record"

2020 in few words:

271 starters, 225 arrivals,
51 differents races (in France, in Spains, in Portugal and at Ermelo in Netherlands)
83% of success
117 horses competiting!

25 Top Ten
7 podiums among which 3 victories
7 ranked "Elite" at Uzès!

A great record, but well impacted by this sad health crisis! In 2019, the breeding had about a hundred additional departures... A difficult year for everyone, breeders and trainers! With the hope of catching up in 2021!

Congratulation and many thanks to our horses, to all our trainers, all riders and assistants, as well as to all the people who contributed to these results. Big thanks also to the organizers for allowing us to participate in all these races organized as well as possible despite the COVID.

We wish you all a happy holiday season and a prosperous new year!