News about the breeding

Zalgo jais

Cremps - Saint Maurice de Cazevieille : 2020/23/02

6/6 qualified !

Congratulations to our trainers for the first qualifications : 

- Gerald de Bozouls (Muguet de Pascade x Guadia des Agatchols by Prim de Syrah) trained by Christophe Nogueira & Emilie Escale
- Gladiator de Bozouls (Med des Agatchols x Djerfao de Bozouls by Faouzi) & Gualhia de Bozouls (Muguet de Pascade x Zélie de Bozouls par Darweesh) trained by Vincent Gaudriot

Our stallion Zalgo Jais, 8 years old (sadepers x Mendly Jais by Toup du Clo) qualified on 80 km with his rider Pauline Munoz.

Dakan de Bozouls, 7 years old (Mahabb x Udjella de Bozouls by Dormane), ranked on 40 km for training with Sandrine Foiry's Team & Duchesse de Bozouls, 7 years old (Guardor de Bozouls x Djembelia de Bozouls by Farid del Saul) ranked on 40 km for training with Lucie Loevenbruck's Team !

danakyl retouche.jpg

Raid el Corzo : 2020/02/15

The first race of the year took place in Spain!
Our young beginnings are promising.

Danakyl de Bozouls (Jormane de Rouaisse**** x Naty des Agatchols***), 7 years old this year, qualified on the last Saturday 80 km race! Enjoy de Bozouls (Muguet de Pascade x Guarnica des Agatchols***), 6 years old this year, also qualified on her first 80 km. We are thankful to Lea Vogler’s team for these races. Congratulations.