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Gaïa de Bozouls

Gaïa de Bozouls is a filly of Farid del Saul**** and Guarfée de Bozouls* (Jormane de Rouaisse**** x Guarfa de Bozouls***). 

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Farid del Saul
Guarfée de Bozouls

13 years
Discipline : endurance


Paternal Grandsire:

Dzahir des Chênes

Maternal Grandsire:

Jormane de Rouaisse

Paternal Grandmother:


Maternal Grandmother:

Guarfa de Bozouls

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Gaïa de Bozouls is a filly f Farid del Saul**** and Guarfée de Bozouls* (Jormane de Rouaisse**** x Guarfa de Bozouls***).

She is thus the full sister of The must de Bozouls (qualified on 80 km) and the uterine sister of Chana de Bozouls (8th of the Madine CEI** & 15th of the Costaros CEI** in 2019), Et hop de Bozouls (ranked "Excellent" at the Uzès 5 YO race) and Full de Bozouls ("Elite" at 5 YO at Uzès, 2nd at the 2017 Florac breeding competition).

Gaïa qualified on 60 km before coming back at the stud farm as broodmare. She is the dam of 3 young products, at the stud farm.

Sire :

Farid del Saul, combines 2 of the best endurance bloodlines, as he is a grandson of Zulus**** by his sire, and a grandson of Masan**** by his dam. As he ranked twice on 120 km races at Huelgoat and Argentant, in 2005, Farid del Saul is indexed IRE** on performances. Since, he is stallion at the stud farm and DRE****. He passed on his great qualities and willingness to all his offsprings, around 30 of them are ranked on CEI*, ** and ***. In wich, Zize des Agachiols (IRE 120 et DRE***), Nadi des Agachiols (Ire 123), Rim des Agachiols (Ire 134), Assidaroi de Bozouls (Ire 135), Djef des Agachiols (Ire 126), Naïfée de Bozouls (Ire 135) and Djelinafée de Bozouls (Ire 123).

Dam :

Guarfée de Bozouls is a filly of Jormane de Rouaisse**** x Guarfa de Bozouls***. Injured when young, she has never competed, she has always been broodmare at the studfarm and DRE** on progeny. She is the full sister of Jorfiga de Bozouls (IRE 128) and Candy de Bozouls (winner of the 2019 Aumont Aubrac CEI* and several times ranked on CEI**).

Maternal Grandmother: :

Filly of Prim de Syrah**** (Passem x Pom du Berlais) and Guarda d’Espiens**** (Chéri Bibi x Ouarex). Guarfa is the only filly born these crossing blood line. She is thus the uterine sister of Guardiola de Bozouls (broodmare DRE****), Guardor de Bozouls (winner on flat races and stallion DRE*** at the stud farm), Guarnica des Agachols (broodmare DRE*** at the stud farm) and of the great Shamy de Bozouls IRE 144. Guarfa de Bozouls qualified on 90 km before being broodmare at the stud farm. DRE*** on progeny, she is such the dam of Jorfiga de Bozouls IRE 126.

Prize list

2014 :

  • 20 km / La Boissière
  • 40 km / Vezenobres
  • 60 km / Mouzieys Teulet


Collateral brothers and sisters