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  • Muguet de Pascade is a stallion by Tidjani**** (Flipper x Managhi) and Odesia de Pascade (Djourman x Afamanga). Muguet was bought in 2012, in 10 years’ time he is already the sire of more than 200 products born at our stud farm. His progeny is promising!

    Tidjani x Odesia de Pascade

  • Amjiz is a son of the famous Munjiz (Kesberoy x Unchained Melody) and our flat race broodmare Amerella (Amer x Marbella de Piboul). Amjiz is at training and has already a great flat record track: 15 starts, 10 podiums and 5 places.

    Munjiz x Amerella

  • Udjess de Bozouls is a stallion by Dahess and Udjella de Bozouls, filly of Dormane and udjella (Djourmane x Meduse). Injured at race, Udjess ran few but has still a great track record: from 2012 to 2014, 14 starts, 3 wins, 9 places including a third in Gr.3 at Toulouse.

    Dahess x Udjella de Bozouls

  • Diago is a gelding by Munjiz (Kesboroy x Unchained Melody) and Udjidor de Bozouls (Dormane x Udjella).

    Munjiz x Udjidor de Bozouls

Showing 1 - 4 of 4 items