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  • Stallion born at the stud, Guardor de Bozouls combines his sire's bloodlines, Dormane, and Chéri Bibi's by his dam Guarda d'Espiens, broodmare at the stud. Injured in 2006, Guardor shortened his glorious flat race career and is dedicated to breeding at the stud farm. He is indexed *** on progeny.

    Dormane x Guarda d'Espiens

  • Jormane de Rouaisse is a stallion by Dormane**** and Chems el Ghouroub (sister of Tunisien performers). He was injured young at training, since then he has always been dedicated to endurance breeding as well as flat race breeding, at our stud farm and is indexed DRE**** on progeny. Strength, power and grate movement motion is what he pass on to his...

    Dormane x Chems el Ghouroub

  • Tornado de la Forêt is DRE***, he is a son of Tidjani **** and Asaara de Bozouls ***. Born out of the stud, Tornado had been bought and covered at the stud from 2009 to 2013, when he was sold. He passed on his great qualities to his progeny.

    Tidjani x Asaara de Bozouls

  • Muguet de Pascade is a stallion by Tidjani**** (Flipper x Managhi) and Odesia de Pascade (Djourman x Afamanga). Muguet was bought in 2012, in 5 years’ time he is already the sire of more than 100 products born on our stud farm. His progeny is promising!

    Tidjani x Odesia de Pascade

Showing 1 - 4 of 4 items