• Amjiz, 3e du Prix de l'hippodrome de Toulouse le 01/06/18
  • Benaida de Bozouls, 3e de la CEI* de Costaros en Juin 2018
  • J'ador de Bozouls, 3e de la CEI*** de Costaros en Juin 2018
  • Al jaimir de Bozouls, vainqueur de la CEI** de Comporta
  • Saprima de Bozouls, 3eme de la CEI* de Tordera en Avril 2018
  • Chams de Bozouls, 3e de la CEI** de Lignières
  • Shamy de Bozouls
  • Nafa de Bozouls

    Nafa de Bozouls

    (Faouzi X Natia de Bozouls)

    2nd place international Criterium of 8 Y-O at Florac in 2014 under the saddle of Grégoire Tilquin, 2nd place on the CEI*** at Rambouillet in 2015.

  • Zardor de Bozouls

    Zardor de Bozouls

    (Guardor de Bozouls X Zize des Agatchols)

    Ranked on CEI*** at the President Cup in Abu Dhabi in 2016 under the saddle of Edmée Merlin, only French couple on arrival.

  • Son of Faouzi and Guardiola de Bozouls * (Rim *** x Guarda d'Espiens), Guarfao de Bozouls is a young horse. He is very nice and can be ridden by beginners.

    Faouzi x Guardiola de Bozouls

  • First son of Aljaïma de Bozouls ****, Al Jaïmie de Bozouls has a 125 and *** performance index. In 2009, he won the CEI** at Monpazier under the saddle of Barbara Lissarague and placed in CEI*** in Barcelona. In 2010, he finished 2nd at the CEIOYJ in Compiegne and is the European Young Rider Champion in Team.

    Prim de Syrah x Aljaïma de Bozouls

  • Son of Prim de Syrah *** and Djella de Bozouls **, Djelind is ranked in CEI*** and podium winner in CEI**.

    Prim de Syrah x Djella de Bozouls

  • Son of Farid del Saul ** and Assida de Bozouls, Assidaroi de Bozouls started on the SHF Endurance circuit in 2010 and achieved good performance in short time. 

    Farid del Saul x Assida de Bozouls

  • Djour de Bozouls est entré en 2009 en EQUIPE DE FRANCE d'endurance. Il a couru 7 courses ** et ***, parmi les plus importantes, en étant toujours classé.

    Prim de Syrah x Djerba de Bozouls

  • Fille du célèbre Dormane **** et d'Udjella ***, Udjidor de Bozouls affiche, en trois ans de carrière sur les hippodromes français et étrangers, un palmarès impressionnent. Etirée de la course, Udjidor est maintenant poulinière à l'élevage.

    Dormane x Udjella

  • Espoir de Bozouls est un fils de Faouzi (Manganate **) et Djerba de Bozouls ***. Espoir de Bozouls a débuté l'endurance en 2010.

    Faouzi x Djerba de Bozouls

  • Udjess de Bozouls est un fils de l'étalon performer en plat Dahess (Amer) et d'Udjella de Bozouls (Dormane **** x Udjella ***).

    Dahess x Udjella de Bozouls



Horses and microorganisms, two words that summarise a singular life, that of Marcel Mézy, 70 years old, self-educated researcher who one day fell in love with Arabian thoroughbred racehorses. In his native North Aveyron, he spent part of his life perfecting, in the form of Bactériosol® and Bactériolit®, a fertilisation process that is now used by over 5,000 farmers in France. When he isn’t at Lioujas, in the Sobac, the parent company that will celebrate its 20th anniversary in 2012, he can be found on this Causse in the midst of his three hundred Arabian thoroughbreds for which he professes an unbridled passion.
Whether talking about endurance or flat racers, the reputation of the Bozouls stud farm is now firmly established both nationally and internationally. Whether in Grioudas or on the Lévezou Plateau, Marcel Mézy never tires of seeing his herd of mares emerging out of the mist surrounded by their foals. The horses are raised freely outdoors in an organic environment that represents a unique heritage. It is here, among the juniper trees, that they create breed combinations and pedigrees that most breeders can only dream of achieving. More than just a simple stud farm, this a philosophy of life.

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The Stud

More than 350 arabian horses from best flat and endurance origins, bred in semi-extensive on the Comtal area in Aveyron.
Today, the breeding has about sixty broodmares, and ten stallions, having covered or still covering. We consider every year around thirty births, some of them for flat racing, the others for endurance races.
Since 2004, a lot of horses became famous in France as well as abroad. In 2016, we have about twenty horses in flat training and about sixty horses in endurance training.

Marcel Mézy

Marcel Mézy